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<djcb>Hmm, GUILE_PKG resolves to guile-2.0, even when I have guile-2.2 as well (Fedora 28)
<djcb>if I explicitly use GUILE_PKG([2.2 2.0]) I get an error that the /bin/guile is not 2.2
<djcb>related, who do I get the correct guile-snarf (or guile-snarf2.2) ?
<civodul>hey djcb
<civodul>djcb: GUILE_PKG first checks for guile-2.2.pc, and then for a 'guile' command
<civodul>if they don't match, i think it barfs
<civodul>so roughly, you have to make sure PKG_CONFIG_PATH and PATH agree with each other
<djcb>hmm, so on Fedora 28, with both 2.0 and 2.2 installed, /usr/bin/guile is guile 2.0.14
<djcb>guile 2.2 has a binary /usr/bin/guile2.2
<djcb>now, guile-2.2.pc actually has a variable 'guile' which refers to the correct binary
<djcb>so, it seems GUILE_PKG should use that, or?
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<civodul>hey Guilers!
<civodul>we need a volunteer to take care of guile-sqlite3!
<civodul>it's a nice little project, and those who step up to maintain it will be glorified :-)
<civodul>it's here:
<civodul>if glory isn't your thing i'm happy to offer a beverage or a cookie or something
<civodul>think about it :-)
<rekado>in addition to a cookie from civodul you could get a home-made pizza from me. And a hazlenut cup cake.
<civodul>ice cream anyone?
<civodul>with this much we'll probably end up with a whole steering committee
<rekado>hah :)
<daviid>how about dannym?
<civodul>yep that could work very well if he's not too busy
<daviid>I see there is a (2 months) pending merge request for sqlite-busy-timeout, what is the blocker?
<civodul>daviid: i think it was actually integrated but i just didn't go through the web ui
<civodul>another reason why we need someone to take care of it :-)
<daviid>ah cool! I don't like this pr workflow actually, and hate to have to browse to deal or participate to (any projects) ... but it seems you solved it now :)
<daviid>civodul: do you have any particular 'urgent' need?
<civodul>daviid: not really, just commitment to the maintenance work: releases, bug fixes, etc.
<civodul>which is really not that much
<daviid>ah no you did not merged it yet (in the interface) I was browsing danny's fork (I'm such a pathetic borwser :))
<lloda>just wasted 10 minutes looking at this error: possibly unbound variable `function–name'
<lloda>What about a "did you mean 'function-name'?" hint? Even gcc does it nowadays ;p
<civodul>lloda: definitely!
<civodul>Guix has hints along these lines nowadays