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<jcowan>I'm trying to write an R6RS-style library for Guile. How do I get access to the Guile core identifiers like "include"?
<jcowan>okay, apparently importing (guile) does the trick
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<janneke>hey wingo
<rain1>good morning
<janneke>hey rain1
<janneke>rain1: great news: mes+mescc-compiled tcc is now self-hosting
<rain1>omg :D
<rain1>you've done such an amazing work on this!
<janneke>yeah, omg
<janneke>i'll be preparing a 0.14 release and packaging everything for Guix
<janneke>it looks like we'll finally be hitting `your' "what about glibc" problem
<amz3>that impressive work, I wish to be able to advance the reality of engineering that much one day
<rain1>yes im very interested to explore that problem.. i hpoe i can help with it
<amz3>janneke[cm]: what is the plan regarding glibc?
<janneke[cm]>gcc-core can be compiled without glibc
<janneke[cm]>so the plan is to compile gcc-4.7 core and use that to compile glibc
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