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<lispmacs>Is there something special I need to know about exporting class definitions? I'm getting a strange error when trying to package some classes up in modules
<amz3`>lispmacs: paste?
<daviid>lispmacs: not that I wrote it :), but I higlhy recommand you to read this email:
<daviid>any java guru could tell me if one can call java from C? I'm reading this: the idea i I have a jar (which I know out to access using kawa), so i'd write a C code, the use the ffi to bind it in guile ...
<dadinn>hi all
<dadinn>I would like to ask for some help regarding getopts option-specs, more specifically the predicate attribute. It seems that when I specify a lambda, and it gets quoted, but when later called, it will not get evaluated beforehand therefore results in "Wrong type to apply" error
<dadinn>I tried quasy quoting the opt-spec list and evaling the predicate lambda... this seems to work except I am now getting an error: Throw to key `match-error` with args `("match" "no matching pattern" (predicate ~ (lambda (s) (string-match "^[0-9]+[A-Z]?$" s)))))'.
<dadinn>aah, it seems unquote is not ~ ?
<dadinn>ok, how do I unquote in a ` quote?
<dadinn>rain1: ah, cool. let me try it ;)
<foojin>parse-option-spec uses it as a function, so unquoting should work.
<dadinn>yeah it works :)
<dadinn>though, the error message is not too descriptive
<dadinn>it says that the option predicate failed
<dadinn>possibly i have to enhance the usage help a bit then :/
<foojin>I've found a bug in format-related analysis code and fixed it. How do I provide a patch for inclusion in guile?
<rain1>I think that you can send it to the guile dev mailing list
<foojin>Are anonymous contributions accepted? If not, I can just describe the bug itself so that someone would come up with a (really simple) fix without having to include my code.
<rain1>good question, im not sure
<foojin>I tried contributing to a free software project once, but I got the impression that telling people about this upfront tends to make them freak out. Almost as if they made up an excuse not accept my submission.
<foojin>Linux kernel folks also tend to make a bug deal out of it.
<mwette>foojin: I don't think that happens here. You can also send to
<mwette>foojin: check also
<foojin>mwette: The tracker you mentioned isn't a distro-specific one, right? That is, will the patches be applied upstream if accepted?
<ft>That bugtracker just uses debian's debbugs. It's the bug tracker of the gnu project.
<foojin>ft: Thanks for clarifying that, the "deb" part tripped me up somewhat.
<mwette>foojin: I believe upstream bugs get reported upstream.
<mwette>foojin: ... if the bug happens to be upstream of guile.
<foojin>By the way, is there a web interface to that tracker? That is, can a bug report be filed in a web browser without needing to use a mail client?
<dxtr>Hi! So I compiled guile 2.2.3 from source and I was reading through the manual and got to - but (use-modules (ice-9 readline)) isn't working for me and then I realized I don't have the readline module. Why could that be?
<dxtr>I do have libreadline installed
<daviid>dxtr: you need to install guile-readline as well
<dxtr>Oh.. oops
<daviid>is it iif or iff (if and only if)
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