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***fibratio` is now known as fibration
<daviid>when I snarf or rewrite something highly inspired by a procedure (or methods...) from guix, guile-gnome ... I write a note in the source file. so far I don't mention this in the manual, what is common practice here?
<amz3`>héllo guile
<amz3`>héllo guilers
<amz3`>Apple liberated the code of the distributed database they bought
<amz3`>it's a distributed key-value store with ACID semantic
<amz3`>somewhat like tikv
<amz3`>but written in C++ with something they call "flow" paradigm, that compiles to c++
<amz3`>and somewhat like wiredtiger
<amz3`>I wondering what flow is actually
<amz3`>too bad, there is not guile binding for that, but the good news is that the library is C
<spk121>amz3: neat
<amz3>I just discovered a fatal flow in my database design while reading this essay
<spk121>my silly Lisp Game Jam game is done. I have a few hours to build and upload the binary packages before the deadline. Ran out of time to make the audio work, sadly.
<amz3>spk121: hé, I did not even bother uploading mine last year
<amz3>spk121: I was disapointed by the user xp even if it was meant only to be a clicker game
<amz3>and many expressed interest in saying the game live
<spk121>amz3: cool. I've never done anything like this before. It was fun. The toughest part has been making Windows binaries, but, I've got that figured out now.
<amz3>davexunit: do you have an idea why guile-websocket doesn't work with fiber?