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<mejnour>Hello, guys. I asked in other channel where I could discuss lambda-calculus and computational theory. They pointed me here. Am I in the wrong place?
<rain1>what is your question about lambda-calculus/
<mejnour>Well, not about lambda-calculus in particular. I'm a grad cs student and just started looking into this stuff. I was hoping someone could suggest litterature about concepts such as Turing-completeness and Turing-equivalence
<mejnour>btw, just read about guile. Is it Lisp? I'm studying a lisp right now. I'll look into it for shure
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<rekado>mejnour: Guile is an implementation of Scheme, which is a lispy language.
<rekado>mejnour: compared to other lispy languages (e.g. Common Lisp) Scheme is rather “minimalist”, but I’m using the term lightly.
<rekado>One difference between lisps is whether they use one namespace for procedures and other variables or split them in two.
<rekado>Scheme has a single namespace for procedures and other variables; a variable is thus just a name and a place for any value, including procedures.
<rekado>What lisp are you studying?
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<OrangeShark>hello everyone
<thomasd>hi #guile
<thomasd>(how) can I compile a guile script and run the compiled file, avoiding autocompilation?
<bavier`>just read the recent guile 3 update from wingo
<OrangeShark>bavier`: is that on the guile-devel mailing list?
<bavier`>OrangeShark: yes
<OrangeShark>bavier`: I see it now, thanks. I keep forgetting to check guile-devel mailing list every once in awhile
<spk121>If there are any French persons about.. Which is correct "EUR 1 234,56" or "1 234,56 EUR" or "1 234,56 +EUR"
<spk121>(This is a Guile question, honest. I'm checking i18n.test)