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<daviid>would you prefer string-prepare-for-sql or string-escape-for-sql?
<daviid>or another even better name I'm not thinking ...
<daviid>maybe string-escape-sql (so I can have string-escape-filename ...
<amz3>morning at GMT+2
<amz3>it seems my last mail, did not reach the mailling list
<amz3>I will just make it in my blog instead for once
<amz3>It's quiet some time i did not blog about guile actually
<amz3>it's been at two weeks I've no touched that code base, I am not ever certain to know if that would still make sens to me
<amz3>I have been watching this, and the API is not terse enough:
<Labu>Hello All !
<janneke>hi Labu
<Labu>Hi janneke !
<amz3>Héllo Labu
<amz3>I did not publish the video I did, that's why I can't find it
***Labmik is now known as Labu
<djcb>Hmmm, seeing 'Thread 1 "guile2.2" received signal SIGPWR, Power fail/restart.'
<djcb>What would that mean?
<amz3>djcb: are you seing this in gdb?
<djcb>amz3: I am, yes
<amz3>djcb: I was said, it's the GC, it's harmless apparantly
<djcb>amz3: ah, thanks! I'll ask gdb to ignore it.