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<niebie`>has anybody used guile-gl/chickadee before?
<niebie`>i'm having a bit of fun getting gl working on guixsd and was wondering if anybody else had
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<civodul>Exception thrown while printing backtrace:
<civodul>In procedure private-lookup: Module named (guile) does not exist
<civodul>how can the impossible happen? :-)
<chrislck>how odd - (exact->inexact 2/3) --> 0.6666666 but (exact->inexact 5/6) --> 0.833333333334
<amz3>anyone had issues with locale and guile with Guix/Ubuntu ?
<amz3>Ubuntu 17.10
<amz3>I can't setlocale anymore
<amz3>I think I found something
<amz3>host glibc and guix glibc don't match
<civodul>heya amz3
<civodul>amz3: did you check ?
<amz3>civodul: yes, I did check. Updating my guix fixed the issue
<dadinn>hi all
<dadinn>quick question regarding pipes/regexp
<dadinn>how would you write the following: sgdisk -i $2 $1 | grep -E '^Partition unique GUID:' | sed -e 's;^[^:]*: \\([[:alnum:]-]*\\)$;\\1;' | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'
<dadinn>trying to look through the docks, but none of the pipe pages give any example of how these input/output pipe supposed to work
<amz3>dadinn: look at this
<amz3>I should be working on fixing this!
<amz3>this question keeps coming back at us :/
<dadinn>amz3: hmm, I see there is this private open-process... what I would be looking for is an open-process which takes a sequence of lists (each args to open-pipe/system*) and returns an inpupt pipe :/
<dadinn>input/output pipe I am not too sure with the terminology, as I don't really grasp what they intend to do without any examples
<dadinn>is an input pipe something to "read" from, and the output pipe something to "write" to? I suppose
<dadinn>but the regexp functions for some reason mostly don't take input ports, only output
<amz3>I may be mistaken, I don't fully understand what your problem is
<amz3>maybe if you paste some code, it will help
<dadinn>and any examples you can find on the internets about guile with pipes, the most complex goes to the point of "echo bla bla | wc"...
<dadinn>while the example I was looking is much more complex gen -> transform -> transform ->transform -> do something ... without example, I have to assume it is not something supported, and learn bloody python instead :(
<dadinn>amz3: how would you translate the shell command I sent before to Guile code?
<dadinn>amz3: sgdisk -i $2 $1 | grep -E '^Partition unique GUID:' | sed -e 's;^[^:]*: \\([[:alnum:]-]*\\)$;\\1;' | tr '[:upper:]'
<amz3>dadinn: tell what it does in plain english and what $2 $1 and an example output
<spk121>*lol. Left a book on the keyboard.
<daviid>haha, you were reading and fall asleep ...
<dadinn>amz3: sorry I forgot to explain those: $1 is a block device path, $2 is an integer number