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<manumanumanu>hey ho!
<rekado>Text size is now computed with guile-sdl; unfortunately, this only works for TTF fonts, so I’ll still have to look at creating minimal bindings for pango.
<spk121>Hmmm. The foldts in (sxml fold) behaves differently than the one in (sxml transform). Grrr.
<daviid>lloda: i have to go afk for a bit, bbl, but wrt g-wrap, as I wrote already: (a) not finding guild/guile-config is an ACLOCAL local config problem on your side, not a g-wrap bug; (b) but, I patched g-wrap, both devel and master branch so it has guile.m4 in its tree, and does not depend on user ACLOCAL config anymore (as I also said, one of the most recurrent user problem, and not doinf this, it would lamentaly fail if the user does not
<daviid>have guile (mind you a rare case, grated, but ...) so, please git pull g-wrap and try again, let me know ...
<daviid>lloda: civodul wrt guile-lib install location, let's talk, I can change that, but right now it uses $(GUILE_GLOBAL_SITE) as the source code modules install location, $(GUILE_SITE_CCACHE) for the compiled files (see c14a511b2d4d6f0271fef7dfe7c4904f00f23442): I thought it was the right thing to do
<daviid>lloda: guile-gnome does not build its doc anymore, there is a bug, long time bug now, that I never find time (and interest, because i browse the gnome doc when I work inguile-gnome) to fix it. not sure about guile-cairo, which does not depend on guile-gnome, never build its doc either
<daviid>I have a very weak knowledge of cairo itself, which I only used to build a few examples for guile-clutter
<daviid>rekado: yes, you won't be able to use (gnome pango) and (gnome pangicairo) unless you build guile-gnome, which you can do just for these modules by the way (and glib, gobject of course)
<spk121>For what it is worth, I'm pretty good with Cairo, but, I've never attempted to use its Guile binding.
<daviid>rekado: guile-cairo has text features, it's a tiny binding, maybe you could give it a go
<daviid>rekado: if yu do so, clone, because the tar is extremely old and misses bug fixed (notably for guile-clutter)
<daviid>spk121: good to know you're prety good at cairo, does it gives access to pango cairo, so using guile-cairo we'd have access to pangocairo too, not sure but kind of remember i ddid read about this a long time ago ...
<spk121>daviid: no. pango is above cairo. Cairo has a toy font API, though.
<daviid>spk121: ah ok