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<civodul>amz3, OrangeShark: in guile-git, we don't have a way to "close" a repository
<civodul>in C people are supposed to call git_repository_free
<civodul>but that also destroys the underlying object
<rekado>spk121: heh, I’m also writing a game in Guile now :) It’s an adaptation of a board game idea.
<OrangeShark>civodul: we use a finalizer to call git_repository_free, maybe this isn't the best way to close a repository.
<ArneBab-lunch>Going by the Stackoverflow developer survey, having a video course on Guile would be pretty useful, since half the devs already used one:
<spk121>rekado: cool
<OrangeShark>ArneBab: so we need a Guile MOOC?
<Labu>Do you use emacs for with guile ? I have a little issue, the script which mixe shell with guile a recognized by emacs like shell script so I have some problem with syntax highlighting and indentation.
<Labu>not sure you get first message
<rekado>Labu: you can switch with M-x scheme-mode.
<Labu>thx rekado
<Labu>I ask on #emacs too
<Labu>works fine thx
<ArneBab>OrangeShark: yes
<ArneBab>that would be useful, I think
<OrangeShark>oh ya, I took a MOOC which this other programming language advertised
<ArneBab>OrangeShark: did it make you try it out?
<OrangeShark>well I tried it out, but didn't really stick with it. Only used it for the course.
<miqlas>hi Guys.
<miqlas>Trying to build Guile 2.2.3 on Haiku, but i met with this error:
<miqlas>Have somebody idea, what's wrong here?
<amz3>c'est quoi l'état de l'art dans les blog statiques?
<amz3>wrong chan :/