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<daviid>I finally invested some time to make foliot compatible with guile-2.2, and just launched it using 2.2.3 now
<daviid>hum, some callback raised exceptions, that not very good news
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<manumanumanu>who wrote sneek?
<bavier`>any way to fix an "encoding-error: cannot convert narrow string to output locale"?
<civodul>that means that you have an ISO-8859-1 string that cannot be represented in the output locale
<civodul>say you have "café" and you're running in the C locale, where "é" cannot be represented
<bavier`>I've set LANG=C before starting guile
<bavier`>so I suppose I maybe need to not do that?
<civodul>or you need to deal only with ASCII stuff
<civodul>or you can change the encoding of the relevant port(s)
<redjackson>Is there a standard way of substituting a element in a list?
<redjackson>Something like list-set but without mutation
<spk121>Making an old project run again. Here is Guile running in a GTK app that draws its own console using a bitmap font.
<berndj>explicitly calling scm_flush_all_ports() before exit() seems icky. anyone want to convince me why i should accept it as ok?
<berndj>context: if i don't, a program produces no output once every few hundred runs. what seems to happen is that during all the atexit unwinding, in that once-in-100-runs scenario, some GC stuff runs (program reads /proc/self/statm), and then fails to flush the output