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<serhart>I have guile-gnome installed from git on guile 2.3 and when I load the module (gnome gobject gvalue) I get "In procedure struct-set!: set! denied for field 0"
<serhart>from a quick investigation I think is the culprit?
<serhart>s/guile 2.3/guile 2.2.3
<MaliRemorker>is it possible to disable auto compilation from within REPL?
<MaliRemorker>alternatively, how to tell Geiser to start guile with --no-auto-compile?
<daviid>serhart: I can't reproduce the problem
<daviid>scheme@(guile-user)> ,use (gnome-2)
<daviid>scheme@(guile-user)> ,use (gnome gobject gvalue)
<daviid>everything id fine here
<mange>MaliRemorker: It looks like (setq geiser-guile-binary '("guile" "--no-auto-compile")) might do it?
<MaliRemorker>mange: looks dirty, but you might be right ;)
<MaliRemorker>mange: yeah, that worked
***mario-go` is now known as mario-goulart
<serhart>daviid: interesting
<serhart>if I do:
<serhart>,use (gnome-2)
<serhart>,m (gnome gobject gvalue)
<serhart>it works fine
<serhart>looks like gnome-2 needs to be run first?
<serhart>even more interesting is I can't seem to reproduce it anymore...
<MaliRemorker>oh :)
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<guile-guest9>hi all, I'm using guile 2.2 on guixsd and I installed guile-fibers (with guix package --install guile-fibers) but when I open a guile REPL and execute "(use-modules (fibers))" it says "ERROR: no code for module (fibers)"
<guile-guest9>I'm sure I need to add something to some search path. I'm just not sure what exactly
<civodul>guile-guest9: if you run "guix package -i guile guile-fibers", it'll tell you what variables to set
<guile-guest9>civodul: Thank you!
<amz3>what's up #guile?
<amz3>I will do a demo of my project
<OrangeShark>amz3: a video of it?
<amz3>OrangeShark: yes, but I need to fix a bug first
<amz3>no more bugs for the time being, I can restart the record
<amz3>I am upload the video right now
<amz3> wget