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<amz3>what's the name of the number like 1/2 or 3/4
<amz3>in english
<evhan>amz3: Rational.
<evhan>(There's a bit more nuance involved, but basically, if you are saying x/y then that makes it rational number.)
<amz3>postgresql hacker mailling list is so busy
<manumanumanu>amz3: the worst fever is gone, but I spent 3 days over 40C.
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<amz3>I made some benchmarks
<amz3>here are the results in seconds:
<amz3>guile read: 3
<amz3>guile cx read: 63
<amz3>chez read: 0
<amz3>chez cx read: 7
<amz3>cpython cx read: 247.4394781589508
<amz3>pypy cx read: 22.92888855934143
<amz3>there is also memory consumption numbers @
<amz3>cx means combinatorix aka. the parser combinators that is optimized
<amz3>the python version of the program use exceptions, so it might be the explanation of the difference in speed
<amz3>between pypy and the schemes