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<amz3>stis: hej!
<OrangeShark>looks like davexunit and dustyweb will be speakers at libre planet :)
<dustyweb>OrangeShark: hi!
<dustyweb>yes and I think davexunit's topic is actually guix related?
<dustyweb>mine is federation related
<OrangeShark>basically what you have been working on with ActivityPub, right?
<stis>hej amz3
<wingo>good evening :)
<amz3>I promise I won't spam the mailling list everyday :-)
<cmaloney>amz3: promises promises. :)
<amz3>wingo: hi, do you recommend the use of (language cps intmap) to store hashmap of ints or do you recommend the use of fash. My usecase is that I have an list of integers (that represent revisions) ordered using some graph topo algorithm. What I need to do, is given set of revisions, decide what is the max revision. Right now I use a hashtable, but I need a functional hashmap to make it possible for writer to
<amz3>not block readers.
<spk121>ACTION looks at porting the ncurses binding to foreign objects
<manumanumanu>Ahoy hoy! What a lovely evening!
<manumanumanu>helping schemers optimize simple code on reddit is my favourite thing to do.