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<lloda>can't build g-wrap
<lloda>./configure: line 14794: syntax error near unexpected token `2.2'
<lloda>./configure: line 14794: `GUILE_PKG(2.2 2.0)'
<lloda>ring a bell?
<Sleep_Walker>well, sounds like configure was generated from some older guile library? I'd try autoreconf
<Sleep_Walker>(but I know very little about this stuff)
<lloda>thx. just did git clone & ./ though
<lloda>I'm fairly clueless myself tbh
<lloda>just trying to regen the guile-cairo doc (you there wingo?)
<wingo>ohai :)
<wingo>guile-cairo doesn't require g-wrap does it?
<lloda>through guile-gnome it seems
<lloda>just the doc
<wingo>guile-gnome needs g-wrap
<wingo>guile-cairo doesn't need guile-gnome or g-wrap
<lloda>yes yes, guile-cairo works fine, but I'm trying to regen the doc. That requires guile-gnome
<wingo>no idea :)
<lloda>ok :D
<lloda>else, I've filed a couple bugs for guile-cairo
<lloda>I've asked for commit access on savannah, I'll fix them if you approve
<chrislck>sorry for basic question -- if I try (define (get-xy x y) ((sxpath '(// (tr x) // (td y) *text)) sxml) -- how exactly do I unquote x? is it possible or do I need to make a macro?
<ft>(let ((x 23)) `(foo bar ,x baz)) => (foo bar 23 baz)
<amz3>replace the ' by ` and x by ,x
<amz3>and y by ,y
<ft>The term to look for is quasiquote
<chrislck>... I succeeded with define-macro... didn't know quote/quasiquote/unquote also works in normal defines
<chrislck>so much fun
<civodul>Outreachy & GSoC participation for Guix:
<civodul>spread the word! :-)
<rlb>civodul: hey - with respect to 2.0.14 -- it's not in unstable/testing because before this latest problem with the tests (sandbox.test hanging sometimes and test-out-of-memory failing sometimes), I was planning to try very hard to remove guile-2.0 before the freeze. And it's not in stretch because I haven't had time to look at it, and then consult the release managers about the possibility of allowing it.
<rlb>Once I resolve the test issues (and get 2.2 back into testing), I can try to take a look wrt stretch.
<rlb>Current plan is to skip (or ignore failures) wrt test-out-of-memory for now, and possibly to skip part or all of sandbox.test (if y'all thank that's reasonable upstream) -- part, if I can figure out which part is causing the hang.
<rlb>From the log, looks to be getting stuck on "1e6 alloc loop".
<rlb>I an easily reproduce it with a "while true; make -j4 test; do" loop here now (after it runs for a while).
<rlb>And test-out-of-memory can be coaxed to fail by just running it alone in a loop.
<rlb>ACTION will file bugs soon.
<civodul>rlb: isn't test-out-of-memory a 2.2 test?
<manumanumanu>that would be a sad ending to this
<manumanumanu>Has anyone implemented brainfuck for the guile VM?
<manumanumanu>Like a complete tunable brainfuck experience where one can tweak the behaviour of memory over/underflows to actually be able to run most bf stuff. That would be nice
<manumanumanu>I have an old bf program that factors arbitrary sized integers in an even larger arbitrary amount of time, but the interpreter I used is long since abandoned.
<manumanumanu>it was nice to write :D
<rlb>civodul: yes, and getting guile-2.2 back in testing is higher priority for me right now.
<amz3>did someone here tried swish, chez scheme take on erlang paradigm
<amz3>there is a big 100 pages manual but I did not have time to read it yet
<hugo>Does foreign objects work? I get segmentation faults on `scm_make_foreign_object_1'.
<hugo>Running Guile 2.2.3