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<rlb>From a built 2.2.3 tree, could someone double-check that this works "for a while" for them? For me it crashes on amd64 quite regularly now (working on the Debian buildd failures):
<rlb> (set -e; while true; do test-suite/standalone/test-out-of-memory; done)
<rlb>The difference when it crashes may be:
<rlb> Warning: Unwind-only `out-of-memory' exception; skipping pre-unwind handler.
<lloda>there was also something more recent I think about packaging Guile 2.2 for Debian (I can't recall)
<chrislck>amz3 un francophone!
<wingo>amz3: regarding database question :) i don't know! i think guile is great, future and capacity of a database sol'n limited in mid-term by gc pause time and throughput
<wingo>especially multi-core throughput
<wingo>maybe we will be able to solve those within 5 years, who knows
<rlb>lloda: thanks for the other pointer (and I suspect the debian one was me).
<rlb>wingo: assuming I don't get time to track it down soon, I wondered if it might be plausible for me to just mark test-out-of-memory as unresolved in debian, since it seems to be failing reasonably often these days on various architectures?
<rlb>i.e. running it in a loop will cause it to fail fairly readily.
***rubdos_ is now known as rubdos
<wingo>rlb: yes it is reasonable
<wingo>i would like to fix it but am not directly working on it
<manumanumanu>Good evening guilers!
<manumanumanu>I have so many things that I want to do I have a hard time focusing :)
<manumanumanu>First this whole libsodium thing (which is almost done), but that led me to writing an easy ffi, which led me to deciding to use format, which led me to reading the format source code, which led me to starting to port srfi-159 to guile
<manumanumanu>so now I'm just idly browsing the web
<wingo>looking at format.scm a step on the path to perdition
<manumanumanu>that is one crazy function
<manumanumanu>I'd argue that it is probably easier to get started with format than with srfi-159, but I doubt it is a very efficient use of one's processor time
<manumanumanu>I am still not really comfy with irregex, but I can't shake the feeling that I am going to like it a lot
<manumanumanu>reading format.scm made me sad. I just never ended.
<wingo>it needs some help :) it is code from the late 80s :P
<manumanumanu>wingo: I don't know if you have looked at ashinn's fmt, but it is pretty neat once you have gotten over the outlandish syntax (compared to format)
<manumanumanu>and the code is pretty :)
<ijp>fmt always feels like overkill
<ijp>-- 2-time format bug patcher
<amz3>wingo: ok, anyway, I am trying chez scheme and come back to gnu guile later. I have the feeling that I have something interesting with this functional database thing with a viable usecase, I got to try, but everyone and else seems to mock my choice of language
<amz3>ijp: o/
<amz3>ijp: still no TCO in browser :(
<ijp>yeah, alas