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<amz3>I am super excited about this functional database project
<amz3>now i need to find a good name for it
<amz3>I found a good name I think, what do you think of 'neon' as the name of the git-like functional database I am working on?
<amz3>I just copy pasted half of wiredtiger/extra.scm to a single field to a record :/
<amz3>I think I will drop extra.scm before 1.0 release of guile-wiredtiger
<amz3>maybe it will a failure, but based on the paper I posted yesterday / tonight, everything seems very simple
<amz3>I am wondering why nobody did it already
<amz3>probably it's a bad idea :evil:
<amz3>300 lines of code and I did not run guile on it yet.
<amz3>the code of based on the paper is available
<ft>There's nothing like add-to-load-path to add to the compiled-files search path, is there? So, I'd cons to %load-compiled-path directly?
<ft>ACTION tries to get his compiled files picked up in geiser instead of compiling them again in the fallback path.
<ft>Hm. There's a thread about this on geiser-users... Seems like geiser already does this (add to %load-compiled-path).
<ft>Yet, the REPL compiles to the fallback path in ~/.cache. Bummer.
<ft>(upon ",reload" that is)
<amz3>sneek: later tell wingo what kind of future is possible for a database system written in guile?
<sneek>Got it.
<amz3>is there any database system written in dynamic languages anyway?!
<amz3>neckb: o/
<amz3>neckb: are you new around here?
<neckb>newish .. I had a long pause
<amz3>neckb: welcome back then :)
<amz3>neckb: what is favorite programming topics?
<amz3>neckb: what is your favorite programming topics?
<neckb>I'm looking for the author of wisp, I think I met him here, the last time
<amz3>nowdays he is busy, and don't come often
<neckb>ah thanks for that info. are you by any chance a bit familiar with wisp?
<amz3>not really, but you can ask your question out loud, maybe someone will be able to answer
<neckb>my question touches the subject of the readability of s-exprs. I don't want to begin an argument here.
<kuhn>whitespace? what kind of mockery is this
<amz3>fwiw, I never read flamewars (not started by me) in guile community...
<neckb>Me, almost always
<amz3>in guile community?
<amz3>I mean to say, guile community doesn't seems like "flammable"
<neckb>I will not repeat the whole word that got me in trouble every time, but the word begins with 'auto' and ends with 'tools'
<amz3>I hate autotools, it's on my todo list to get rid of them
<neckb>please please dont be next line a ':P'
<amz3>also, i am not alone
<amz3>I have proofs
<neckb>still not sure if \\s
<amz3>what do you mean by \\s
<neckb>I was not sure if you're in a some kind of (mean) sarcasm mode
<amz3>I am not in scarcasm mode at all
<neckb>The very reason I got started with IRC was because I wanted to discuss autotools problems with guile.
<amz3>a lot of people think autotools is a thing of the past, even in gnu / guile community
<amz3>the thing is that there is no good replacement yet, that people agree upon
<neckb>I was telling the truth when I said, that I install a lot of packagen on a lot of different machines.
<neckb>and Guile is one of the most difficult packages to install.
<amz3>don't use autotools, use guix pack
<amz3>and guix binary install
<mwette>I hate automake; eons ago I wrote a tool that used M4 to define macros for use in makefiles. It provided functions, whereas automake relies on patterns.
<neckb>In my limited opinion the problem with Guile/Autotools is that I thing Guile follows the Gnu way of building things from the very ground to religously.
<mwette>sorry -- gotta go
<neckb>There are a lot of project that use Autotools, but not to the full extend and the might leave some generated files in the source tree.
<amz3>the maintainers do what they want with their project afaiu
<amz3>'religiously' is not a fair argument tbh
<amz3>I saw several patches for autotools issues going inside guile
<amz3>maybe your particular issue is solved
<neckb>thats right, but I cannot think of better word, especially when I think back on my previous discussions here.
<amz3>like myself, I used to think that log message formating the gnu way, was a religious thing, right now I understand it's useful even I still don't like it
<amz3>sometime old stuff are good stuff
<neckb>but since you are open to some of my opinions. The other thing that bothers me a bit in Guile, that the source tree is (was?) litered with a lot of autotools files. In comparison , Git source tree is much cleaner.
<amz3>when my IRL manager (15 years of exp as 'dev') tells he doesn't know what unit testing, I am happy GNU project provides some guidelines about what makes a good software project
<amz3>neckb: make a patch :)
<neckb>My main programming language is Perl, but in many discussions I would not mention that.
<amz3>I don't understand why you concerned about autotools files
<neckb>People judge your for using Perl, on the one hand they are wrong, Perl is an old and very proven tool.
<neckb>but Perl is also crufty, and I understand people rejecting it when there are alternatives
<neckb>All these file don't bother me , but when the problems with autotools began, I had this impression of bloat.
<neckb>Ok, I try to insert some code
<neckb>1 (letrec
<neckb> 2 (((add_rec i)
<neckb> 3 (if (== i s) len (add_rec i))))
<neckb> 4 (add_rec len 0))
<neckb>uuuhh, sorry ...
<neckb>So my question is can you build this form with wisp? I was not able to.
<amz3>maybe someone else will
<amz3>I gotta go do a nap
<amz3>see you later
<janneke>neckb: that doesn't parse for me
<justin_smith>I assume that you don't want add_rec to loop for all i that do not equal s
<justin_smith>in that case you want to call len, rather than making it a branch of the if
<justin_smith>s/loop/loop infinitely/
<neckb>Sorry for the confusion. The code is not the problem, its just an example for a result that I like to achive with the Wisp tool from Arne.
<neckb>ok I have to take a little break
<e^x>what did you try?
<janneke>neckb: well, your code doesn't parse, so it may well be why you can't convert it to wisp
<neckb>sorry there is something wrong with the code I've posted, do you mind if I take another shot?
<mwette> /quit
<Javyre>are the foreign object slot names ever used anywhere?
<Javyre`>(testmsg plz ignore)