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<taoqy>Hi. I want to learn guile more. I try to use gdb to step it, but guile was linked with shared lib. Could someone give me some tips.
<janneke>taoqy: we can give tips if you tell us what you see.
<janneke>afaik, for single stepping it does not matter to gdb if libraries are shared or not
<wingo>fresh guile master build on 5-year-old 4-core, 2 thread-per-core system took 54 minutes
<wingo>if we are lucky with native code generation we can lower that to maybe 25/30 minutes. we'll see tho :P
<wingo>would be nice to get those 10x speedups but for the bootstrap workload i think memory management is probably the bottleneck
<taoqy>yesterday I compile guile (2.2-stable) that took about two hours in a `Dell XPS13`
<taoqy>janneke: in fact I write a simple C program that linked with libguile. But it may link to my system libguile that has no debug info. see
<janneke>taoqy: have a look at <build>/meta/guile or even <build>/meta/gdb-uninstalled-guile
<taoqy>Do you mean using LD_LIBRARY_PATH?
<taoqy>ld(1) says: -L Directories specified on the command line are searched before the default directories.
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<OrangeShark>happy monday
<civodul>wingo: i often write (let ((x (open-foo))) (dynamic-wind (const #t) ... (lambda () (close-foo x))))
<civodul>but i realized this doesn't play well with delimited continuations and thus with fibers
<civodul>i guess i should just use (catch #t ...) in this case?
<civodul>also, we'd need a (fibers popen) :-)
<civodul>because (ice-9 popen) blocks
<davexunit>civodul: as a workaround you could do the open-pipe in a new fiber and write to a channel when it's done?
<davexunit>or write to a channel for each bit of input you are reading, etc.
<civodul>davexunit: indeed, smart hack!
<civodul>or is it?
<civodul>it would still be blocking, right?
<civodul>unless the fiber runs on a separate core
<wingo>you can spawn a thread to run the pipe and use channels to communicate with the world of fibers
<wingo>dunno if threads work in your system tho
<wingo>channels can work between non-fibers and fibers
<davexunit>civodul: oh does that module use some primitive thing that we can't suspend?
<davexunit>something that suspendable ports doesn't cover?
<davexunit>in that case you can ignore everything I suggested :(
<civodul>the thing opens the pipe and then calls 'read', and 'read' is a problem
<civodul>so i changed that to 'read-string', and then i call read once i have all the string
<civodul>that's ok
<civodul>though i have a bug where that process does exit(0) without a word o_O
<davexunit>ohhhh yeah read is not suspendable
<davexunit>sorry to have lead you astray
<cmaloney>ACTION goes \\o/
<amz3>I just had a brillant idea!
<amz3>but now... I have an even better idea...
<amz3>I make simple program to share guile modules on gnunet!
<amz3>well, it's will be just a wrapper around existing gnunet features and could be written in bash (mostly) but I need a new toy ;)
<ArneBab_>amz3: if you can abstract out the interface and key-type, I’d love to adapt it to also work over Freenet
<ArneBab_>amz3: also you can write everything in bash, the main question is whether that would be as much fun as with Guile
<amz3>ArneBab_: what is key-type?
<amz3>anyway, this is just diversion, I must be focused
<ArneBab_>amz3: key type is the identifier you use to reference something online
<ArneBab_>in Freenet you have something like USK@<long-key>/<name>/<version>/path/to/file
<daviid>and what about ipfs instead?
<ArneBab_>s/instead/in addition/
<daviid>ACTION thinks IPFS is the future
<amz3>ipfs is not gnu
<daviid>so what? it's free right?
<amz3>I am not sure what's the difference between gnunet and ipfs
<daviid>free s/w I mean
<ArneBab_>daviid: ipfs does not provide a friend-to-friend connection mode
<ArneBab_>and ipfs is pretty much non-anonymous
<ArneBab_>(which doesn’t make it bad, it just does not hit my usecase: I want to be able to communicate with anonymous people)
<daviid>that surprises me, but i confess I did not study much about it, I did read a bit though
<daviid>anyway, i have to focus too :), sorry for the noise
<ArneBab_>ipfs has the support tooling (cli tools, PR, talks, videos and such), but not the anonymizing and censorship resistant tech.
<daviid>ArneBab_: really, so no tor connection then?
<ArneBab_>daviid: connecting over Tor is not the same as being anonymous. There are a wealth of timing attacks available against anyone using tor.
<daviid>have to go, bbl
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