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<hugo>With GOOPS, is it possible to call next-method for all super classes? Or can I only access the method from the first element in the class-precedence-list ?
<daviid`>hugo, the later, but then, if that method itself calls (next-method) ...
<hugo>daviid`: but wouldn't that class's method then call it's direct supers? My base class in this instance have multiple direct supers.
<daviid`>hugo: and each supers have a method for that name?
<hugo>daviid` Actually you were right the first time
<hugo>next-method actually called it's neighbour
<daviid`>hugo: I was gon'a say you can try ... on a very limited super short example ...
<hugo>I guess I was to set in the way of "normal" OOP to realise that next-method worked in more directions than upwards
<hugo>I have some test code now, and I can see it working
<hugo>I just failed to realise that I needed next-method in the first super before
<hugo>Thanks for the help! :)
<guile-guest9>Hi. I am compiling guile from source, it has been taken 30min in 'BOOTSTRAP GUILEC' and not yet completed. Is this normal?
<daviid`>guile-guest9: yes, perfectly normal, just be patient
<daviid`>it wold be a lot faster using the tarbll, but I guess you have your reason to do it from the source (latet comit ...)
<daviid`>guile-guest9: so you cloned, but did you check 'stable-2.2'? you don't want to use master for the time being, it is where the 3.0 prep work happens ...
<guile-guest9>Thank you for reminding. I use the master branch. But how long the compling will taken?
<daviid`>guile-guest9: unless you want to help wingo wrt to the new AOT compiler, or any items he lists somewhere about how to help him ... you _really_ don't want to use the master branch
<daviid`>guile-guest9: it obviously depends on the computer yu are building...
<daviid`>but from 45' on quite fast machines to a couple of hours on 2 to 3y old laptop ... just shooting really
<guile-guest9>Ok, I will checkout to 2.2. I used to compile python, it pretty fast. My CPU is `Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GH`
<daviid`>this is a good machine, it prob will compile under 2h (maybe faster, don't know)
<daviid`>just be patient ... I have to go now, bbl
<guile-guest9>thank you :)
<daviid`>guile-guest9: make -j <the max number of cores you have>
<Apteryx>Hello! Do we already have srfi-115 implemented in Guile?
<guile-guest9>Hi. How could I bypass the GUILEC process when compile guile. I just want a guile binary. Is there a `make target` to do this?
<Apteryx>I think you need to provide bootstrap binaries. It's detailed in the manual somewhere, I believe.
<amz3>I am blocked in my gnunet project because of a bug in gnunet, I need to find something else to do...
<amz3>does someone needs help with something?
<qingyunha>Hi. I want explore the function `scm_read(port)`. But how could I use the stdin port in C or make a stdin port?
<qingyunha>I find `scm_current_input_port()` works.
<amz3>I think someone in the past asked if there was a dynamic blog engine in Guile
<amz3>my question is what do you miss in haunt?
<amz3>what do you miss in static weblog generators in general?
<janneke>hi guile!
<janneke>i got past my recursive macro expansion problem i had yesterday
<janneke>recursive macro expansion is still not done
<janneke>eg not up to par with mes' just-in-time macro expansion
<janneke>inching forward, but i suspect i'm almost done
<ArneBab>dustyweb: the syncbot README links 8sync at notabug, but the link is dead. Where’s the new repo?
<dustyweb>ArneBab: oh, at:
<ArneBab>dustyweb: ← fixes the link to 8sync
<daviid>didn't know 8sync was part of Gnu, great1 but then, ArneBab the source code is at savannah, the notabug should be retired i guess, no? just curious
<ArneBab>daviid: is the source of syncbot also on savannah?
<daviid>syncbot? ah sorry, my istake
<daviid>:), must be very tired
<ArneBab>no probs - this is just updating for the cost of change :)
<dtornabene>hey all, may be in the wrong place but my search fu is failing at the moment, I'm looking for a networking project thats fairly recent, written in what I thought was guile scheme
<dtornabene>I remember reading about it early last year, it was a framework for networking applications written in Guile (I think it was guile, I *know it was scheme)
<dtornabene>i found it, finally, it was 8sync
<galex-713>I didn’t know chez that was fast compared to others O.o
<dustyweb>hi ArneBab, thanks
<void_pointer>Chez is the one to beat performance-wise. A few implementations can beat it on a few benchmarks. A few can beat it on one benchmark only. Last I checked, Guile beat it on one or two
<galex-713>void_pointer: why a such advance? is their implementation structurally different of others? or are they just more at the cutting-edge of some published (or not?) techniques others didn’t dare to implement?
<void_pointer>not exactly sure
<void_pointer>other than one reason it does well is it does in the end compile scheme to machine code before running it
<galex-713>you mean like a JIT?
<void_pointer>scheme implementations that are purely interpreted or compile to a virtual machine lose to it pretty much around the board
<void_pointer>not sure if it is JIT or AOT or both
<galex-713>ah then if guile used a JIT it wouldn’t be beated by it
<galex-713>what is AOT?
<void_pointer>out of those that doe compile to machine code, it isn't as ahead as it looks compared to all the rest
<void_pointer>stalin, for example, does go to machine code and beats chez at a number of benchmarks
<galex-713>oh there’s stalin in the benchmark? let me look again
<galex-713>damn racket is fast
<galex-713>compared to guile
<galex-713>and yet racket doesn’t jit afaik