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<louishaemmerle>does guile cache .go files somewhere potentially?
<civodul>louishaemmerle: yes, under ~/.cache/guile/ccache/
<louishaemmerle>that explains a lot
<louishaemmerle>I integrated my test files with automake, along the lines of how organizes it
<louishaemmerle>and then it seems it prefers to use .go files in that cache
<civodul>the remedy usually is to set GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE=0 in your makefile
<civodul>so that your tests don't end up auto-compiled
<apteryx>hi! what's a good way to retrieve all the values from name/value pairs in a an alist? Should I use match or simply cdr?
<happy_gnu[m]>apteryx: how big is the list?
<happy_gnu[m]>but if it is small I don't think cdr will make much of a difference
<happy_gnu[m]>that is my opinion of course :/ maybe someone else will correct me :)
<apteryx>thanks, happy_gnu[m]!
<apteryx>anyway to get the subdirectory name of some dir? Without having to pipe the output of ls?
<amz3>apteryx: to retrieve all values from an alist you can do (map cdr alist)
<amz3>apteryx: I don't understand the second question
<amz3>btw, GSOC is getting started, if you have ideas about guile project reach the maitainers
<amz3>I am lost...
<amz3>I don't know what to do...
<apteryx>amz3: thanks. I think I've found a workaround for my second question, using something already in Guix.
<apteryx>amz3: You mean you need GSoC ideas for Guile?
<amz3>not for me, but for Guile
<amz3>not for me, but for Guile project
<mwette>amz3: the debugging infrastructure needs some love
<amz3>Why people have to be mean to web developers? I am wondering? this is a old/exp person vs the newbie or high-level lang vs low level lang
<amz3>that's painful
<OrangeShark>amz3: I think one part of it has to do with the perceived difficulty of web development, they consider it "easy" compared to other development
<mwette>so I may be moving off Guile dev on the mac: my Dell XPS13 w/ Ubuntu just arrived
<apteryx>mwette: cool!
<amz3>OrangeShark: sadly
<amz3>Does any plan to publish something for