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<dsmith>sneek: botsnack
<amz3>I made another video of GNU Guile Hacking @
<amz3>hey people, if you have reddit account, don't forget to tell the web what you are hacking on
<amz3>and make some guile publicity...
<manumanumanu>amz3: btw: you can just put a (setenv "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" "whatever") to make guile load libraries properly. Then you don't need to use absolute paths, and your code becomes more portable
<manumanumanu>I have put it in my .guile file
<manumanumanu>and in .guile_geiser
<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<OrangeShark>monday greetings
<amz3>manumanumanu: I didn't knew about .guile_geiser, tx
<dustyweb>moin moin
<daviid>hey dustyweb! hi guilers... hny all!
<manumanumanu>amz3: btw, have you managed to get geiser to not surpress errors?
<manumanumanu>If I evaluate a buffer with an error twice,nothing happens the second time
<manumanumanu>and IIRC it is a setting
<manumanumanu>apart from if I press newline i go from scheme@(guile user [1]> to scheme@(guile user) [2]>
<manumanumanu>really frustrating
<manumanumanu>or anyone for that matter?
<catonano`>manumanumanu: you could write on the mailing list about this, so a trace remains
<manumanumanu>catonano`: will do
<amz3>manumanumanu: I have many issues with geiser, I seldom use it
<amz3>like recently I tried to compile a buffer with geiser running, it compiled the file but did not send the result to geiser
<amz3>maybe I missing a command or something
<amz3>eval'ing each exp works tho
<catonano`>I wonder how much work would it be to have Guile scheme workking with Slime
<catonano`>I saw a scrreenshot of MIT scheme working under Slime and it was beautiful
<rekado_>catonano`: what features do you want from Slime that are not offered by Geiser?
<catonano`>rekado_: I'm not sure. But I ofuld Geiser very difficult to use. And it seems I'm not the only one. I never tried Slime but the screenshhots were georgous
<catonano`>Also the Cloure Emacs layer is very cool. That one I did try !
<davexunit>I've always found geiser to be really really really good
<catonano`>I don't know, it may be a matter of habit
<catonano`>but between compiling, loading, I always seem to miss something, so I can rarely have ump to definitions and autocompletiosn, whic I'd really love to have :-/
<catonano`>I also have a *very* ahrd time in using qemu
<louishaemmerle>in guile 1.8 there was the trace procedure
<louishaemmerle>is there something similar in 2.2?
<nbjoerg>anyone able to apply that?
<nbjoerg>fixes the bootstrap on platforms where mmap permissions are enforced, since the area will be mprotected as PROT_WRITE later
<nbjoerg>the whole logic should likely be inverted...