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<joshuaBPMan>ijp: thanks for the tip.
<chris__>nick chris-gnc
<chris__>mainly for wingo et al - probably of minor concern to guile developers, but the Gnucash project has finally upgraded from guile 1.8 to minimum 2.0!
<manumanumanu>no more macro expansion at runtime :D
***webshinra_ is now known as webshinra
<amz3>it's a pleasure to see more adoption of our favorite language :)
<manumanumanu>amz3: gnucash has always used guile.
<manumanumanu>amz3: I am writing an editor where everything is in guile except for the editor parts. It is based on arximboldis ewig, and let's you hook into every event from guile
<manumanumanu>as of right now it is nearing a compilable state :)
<ijp>chris__: that's quite something
<ijp>Do you know if they have a blog post or long mailing list post discussing their transition (difficulties etc)?
<joshuaBPMan>morning guilers
<dsmith-work>Tuesday Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>sneek: botsnack
<chris__>ijp: or whereabouts
<janneke>ERC> /join #bootstrappable
<amz3>how can I avoid guile to truncate output of stacktrace? I found nothing in the manual
<amz3>backtrace I mean
<reepca>see debug options
<reepca>specifically (debug-set! width some-big-number)