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<daviid>no solution I could find o internet actually addresses the exct problem: 1 column has text, all others have inages, so far, it is 'impossible' to vertically center the text of the first column
<daviid>going afk a little, bbl
<mwette> /quit
<daviid>ArneBab_: if yu are still interested, here is a (two actually) minimum complete example: (drop this as test.tex, find a png image on your computer, any, drop it there as well, as img-1.png, and pdflatex test.tex)
<daviid>ArneBab_: the #latex floks answered and the soluton is t use \\usepackage{adjustbox} and souround the image \\adjustbox{valign=c}{img-1} (and _not_ sourounfd the text, don't ask me why :)) here is a complete example: \\adjustbox{valign=c}
<ArneBab>sneek: later tell daviid: thank you!
<sneek>Got it.
<mwette>Q: Are the SCM_I_ macros in libguile/*.h for internal use only?
<ijp>seasons greetings strangers
<manumanumanu>wingo: yeah. seems like a nice optimization, and probably a lot faster than my macro.
<manumanumanu>Merry christmas from sweden everyone
<ArneBab>manumanumanu: happy holidays to you, too!