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<manumanumanu>Jesus christ. I have been fighting iptables for too long. In the end I just copypasted a thing from reddit, and bam: now everything works
<cmaloney>Welcome to 2017
<manumanumanu>thank you
<manumanumanu>now, let us just say: this is the last time I get thrown off a network because my home automation stuff goes bonkers when I'm not at home
<amz3>daviid: héllo, do you do computer vision for geographic stuff?
<daviid>amz3: hello. I don't: guile-cv is first and above all, an image processing and analysis functional programming library for guile, images can be from any field really
<daviid>amz3: why?
<amz3>because of guile-cv indeed
<amz3>I hear that my new company does computer vision for guess stuff in images
<amz3>where images are taken by planes
<amz3>they try to guess various stufF... like how steep is the roof
<daviid>amz3: ok, they probably use opencv or imagj
<amz3>oh ok
<amz3>I have to get into all things related to GIS
<amz3>Geographic Information System
<daviid>or maybe deep learning, which is out of guile-cv scope
<amz3>neither do you
<amz3>I a am building a database of things that can be geolocated
<amz3>like root tops steep
<daviid>not my domain, GIS generaly refer to applications, which provides GUI to manipulate these images ... highly related to the coordinates (gps) ...
<amz3>they don't use gps for some reasons
<amz3>daviid: see you later, I go to sleep
<daviid>amz3: yeah, all this has nothing to do with guile-cv, unless they want to 'prepare' these images for better segmentation and measures...
<daviid>see you
<amz3>that's what they do... I mean it came to my mind, that guile-cv could be use to find out stuff on stallites images
<amz3>guile-cv is highly relevant
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