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<wingo>moin :)
<civodul>heya wingo!
<lloda>how to destructure an alist? match only works with fixed order
<gjanssens>Hi, can anyone point me at a good example of using a function as the #:on-error unwind handler in the call-with-error-handling function ?
<gjanssens>Rather than simply using 'backtrace (still undocumented btw) I'd like to store the backtrace in a global variable to pass back into the C calling code
<gjanssens>I'm having some difficulty figuring out how that is done :(
<gjanssens>Ah found it (soon to appear in gnucash code :)
<ecraven>how complex is the implementation of syntax-parameters?
<ecraven>is this something that is rather easy to add to an implementation?
<civodul>ecraven: in psyntax, syntax parameters look quite easy
<ecraven>civodul: would you happen to know in which source file syntax-parameters are defined?
<civodul>in ice-9/psyntax.scm
<civodul>search for 'syntax-parameterize'
<civodul>the whole file is intimidating but that part less so ;-)
<rekado_>lloda: I’ve been wondering the same. I’d like for a more powerful match (and sxml-match) that doesn’t worry about order.