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<str1ngs>mwette: did you say you had a ffi gtk example?
<mwette>str1ngs: yes
<mwette>strings: git clone -b c99dev git://
<mwette>str1ngs: work in progress
<str1ngs>wonder how hard it would be to use this with webkit
<str1ngs>ffi gtk2+ did you have to create gtk2+ module?
<mwette>I can't promise anything. You make it easier if you generate a got-h with only the calls and data structures you want to deal with.
<mwette>I write a dot-ffi file and use the ffi-helper to convert to dot-scm.
<mwette>The gtk2+.ffi file is 17 lines, the gtk2+.scm file is 92111 lines.
<str1ngs>ahh machine generated .. not bad then
<str1ngs>I'm just checking the pointers stuff
<str1ngs>also can you use glade templates with this offhand?
<mwette>Are those CPP macros? No then, I am wondering if is worth trying to deal with that. Converting CPP macros to SCM could get ugly.
<str1ngs>umm let
<str1ngs>let me check
<str1ngs>its use C macros to some extent yes
<str1ngs>normal gtk macros though
<str1ngs>just keep in mind this not even alpha code yet