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<mb[m]1>Though it links to the mailing list which still isn't scraped by mailman (I tried to link directly first).
<daviid>manumanumanu: you may also read the NEWS file online ...
<kristofer>hello! I'm currently trying to build guile 2.2.3 on guix. it is taking an extremely long time to run make check-TESTS
<str1ngs>amz3: were you working a guile web app thing?
<daviid>civodul: (or wingo ) would be nice to update the welcome messages on this channel so it says the latest version Guile 2.2.3 is out! and points to
***wingo changes topic to 'Welcome to #guile. See for more information. Guile 2.2.3 is out! <>. This channel is logged, see <>. Bug database at <>.'
<wingo>daviid: tx for poke :)
<str1ngs>hmm how do I get autotools to find guile-config2.2 ?
<daviid>wingo: most welcome! thanks for the relase!
<str1ngs>autotools seems to look for guile-snarf and guile-config most of the time
<str1ngs>which does not play nicely with Parallel Installations
<amz3>str1ngs: I work on guile web stuff yes
<daviid>wingo: I hope you can find some time to patch guile so users would have a very easy way to ask/parameterize guile so both the repl and raising exceptions use truncated-print (lloda started to work on this, wip-truncated-print branch)
<amz3>str1ngs: why?
<str1ngs>amz3: are you aware of any guile libraries for html user interfaces?
<str1ngs>I'm trying to avoid as
<str1ngs>as much GTK as I can with my guile web browser
<str1ngs>I'm researching, what I can use for UX. the more guile scheme I can use the better IMHO
<mwette>Why not just make a guile api for webkitgtk? :)
<str1ngs>I thought of that. since I could use gnome guile. but frankly it seems like alot of work. for no real benefit
<str1ngs>I would have to create and support a gnome guile widget for gtk webkit. and frankly I would probably still need to resort to C
<str1ngs>right now I'm happy just providing scheme API's to the C bits where needed.
<mwette>I was kidding. I would have tried the FFI helper but webkit is in C++.
<str1ngs>gtk webkit is C
<daviid>str1ngs: why a web app anyway?
<daviid>ACTION is against webapp
<daviid>ACTION does not hide :)
<str1ngs>I dont want to make a webapp . I want to use html for some UI
<str1ngs>since this is essentially a web browser written in C and scheme. it's not a big deal
<daviid>str1ngs: use glade, then guile-gnome oads it
<mwette>I just downloaded and that has tons of C++ code in it.
<str1ngs>I'm using glade, but I would need to make glade manifests for webkit
<str1ngs>gtk webkit is C
<mwette>You want to render HTML in a window?
<daviid>str1ngs: oh your are writing a web browser
<str1ngs>right, for some user feed back
<daviid>nerver mind then, I thought you were writing a 'traditional' app
<str1ngs>like I have a mini buffer. but I need to provide history completion stuff like that
<str1ngs>also the REPL is taken care off. I just use a VTE widget with emacs that connects to via geiser.
<str1ngs>it not ideal but works well
<str1ngs>anyways I was toying with the idea, of use webviews with html for UI when needed. but I'd like to possible use scheme if I can. I'm trying to avoid javascript and C as much as possible.
<amz3>str1ngs: you are looking for a backend framework for rendering html widgets? something like pyjamas or GWT?
<str1ngs>ya something like that
<amz3>str1ngs: well, if you don't need javascript, anyway, the html in guile is written using sxml
<amz3>str1ngs: but for doing autocompletion you will need javascript
<amz3>str1ngs: and guile-js is not ready
<amz3>I mean to say the browsers are not ready for guile-js
<amz3>to use guile-js you need a specific version of chromium with some flags, it's documented somewhere in the ML
<str1ngs>I'm using gtksourceview for input fields so it does not need to be javascript for completion
<str1ngs>but for user output I need uses something
<amz3>you can write scheme sxml and translate it to html with guile
<str1ngs>ah that sounds intresting
<str1ngs> ?
<str1ngs>how do I convert from sxml to html with guile though?
<amz3>str1ngs: I use this helper
<mwette>I see now. webkit-gtk has C api to webkit. Worth a shot w/ the ffi helper.
<daviid>amz3: how does that differ from davexunit sxml->html code? which is part of haunt I guess
<amz3>daviid: it adds support for script tag at least :)
<str1ngs>mwette: it's not worth using ffi for this
<amz3>which I needed for working with guile-js
<str1ngs>it's been easier to just write the gtk aspects in C
<daviid>amz3: it wold be nice to talk to davexunit then , and have one place we can recomend to users for this ... actually it could even become part of guile-lib
<mwette>str1ngs: I agree. Too much baggage getting pulled in.
<daviid>ACTION always tries to contribute rather then duplicate, we are such a small community...
<str1ngs>that and you need ffi for glib and gtk aspects
<str1ngs>I suspect later I will move to guile gnome if I can though
<daviid>amz3: please talk to him then :)
<mwette>I have ffi for glib, gobject, pango, gdk, gtk2 already. I got the hello world demo to work.
<str1ngs>yes but type conversions with ffi can be pita
<amz3>daviid: I already asked to add it to guile itself, I need to create some unit tests
<str1ngs>here I just use scm C primitives. and use SCM macros to provide the scheme API I want to expose to end users
<daviid>amz3: maintainers said they will add it?
<str1ngs>amz3: can I get away with sxml->xml for now?
<str1ngs>like the template example here.
<str1ngs>I might have to use GTK after all. since I'm not sure I can handle events without use JS
<str1ngs>ACTION curses javascript :P
<daviid>wingo: as expected, but for info anyway, guile-lib make; make check all fine using 2.2.3
<daviid>wingo: guile-cairo make pass, but make check fails:
<daviid>g-wrap make; make check pass fine as well
<daviid>guile-gnome make; make check pass fine as well
<daviid>guile-clutter make; make check pass fine as well
<daviid>all in the green! I think guile-cairo make check error is not related to 2.2.3 specifically, I kind of remember having reported it in the past
<daviid>2.2.3 compiler is a lot faster!
<str1ngs>I guess, guix is what most people use to install 3rd party guile libraries?
<catonano>str1ngs: as far as I understand the long term project is to make guix the package manager for guile based packages
<daviid>which name is potluck
<str1ngs>the problem I find with guix. seems a bit much for just guile packages
<str1ngs>and even though it runs in user space, you need root privileges to install and set it up.
<efraim>debian has guile2.0 packaged for armel (ARMv4t) but not guile2.2, did guile2.2 drop support for it?
<daviid>efraim: guile-2.2 is in buster (testing)
<efraim>daviid: right, but debian doesn't list armel as a supported architecture for guile-2.2
<daviid>efraim: ah, that i don't know
<efraim>alright, thanks
<str1ngs>efraim: does it build manually?
<str1ngs>or does guile2.2 just not support armv4t I find that odd if it doesnt
<efraim>now that'd be something to test, i'm working on an RPi 1 with 256 MB of ram
<str1ngs>hmm might be slow to compile I guess
<str1ngs>I guess you could crossbuild but that's no walk in the park
<efraim>ah, change sid to buster and it appears
<efraim>so it looks like it does build
<daviid>is the guile-dsv authoor around?
<daviid>going afk, bbl
<mwette>compile times for (ffi glib), 32k lines: 2.2.2=>6m10s 2.2.3=>2m23s