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<amz3>héllo :)
<plll[m]>What are you up to with Guile, amz3?
<amz3>plll[m]: not sure what project I will workon, I have various project at the pre-alpha stage
<amz3>plll[m]: I don't know which one is worth pursuing
<amz3>plll[m]: and you?
<mwette>do the wave
<dustyweb>\\o\\ /o/
<dustyweb>hm those kinda look like angry eyes
<janneke>\\o/ \\o/ \\o/
<mwette>\\o/ <o> <o>
<mwette><o> \\o/ <o>
<mwette><o> <o> \\o/
<mwette>Have you ever looked at the implementation of pmatch? It uses CPS for syntax. Pretty cool. e.g., (syntax-rules () ((_ v p kt kf) (if (eq? v p) kt kf)))
<dustyweb>mwette: cool... I haven't looked at it :)
<ArneBab_>\\o/ <o> .o. ☺
<ArneBab_>^ dawning realization that something is still odd … ☺
<daviid>lloda: for info, when I browse your account on notabug, the interface comes in a language I don't understand, is this on purpose?
<bms_>Okay, so I've written up most of Msg's client and server. It all functions as I've told it to, but I'm trying to figure out a way, in Guile, to execute the server accept loop at the same time as the server's prompt. And the same for the client read loop and the client prompt. I can't use threads or futures because both the loops and the prompts need access to the server's socket port to read from and write to. Is this possible, or is my
<bms_>design bad?
<bms_>I'm assuming that some reworking is necessary.