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<lloda>bavier: what is the difference between vlists and varrays? Guile has (ice-9 vlist).
<amz3>webshinra: héllo :)
<amz3>webshinra: how is going your game dev?
<amz3>how does artanis handle forms?
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<OrangeShark>hello everyone
<webshinra>amz3, hi, well, I would say good, but that would be vague. Do you have a particular game in mind :p ?
<amz3>webshinra: I was under the impression, that you were working on game using guile
<webshinra>I am :D
<webshinra>I'm working on a tabletop rpg, using guile
<webshinra>and on a openspace simulator
<webshinra>only the second is a video game, for the first I would say that i'm metaprogramming with the mind as a target.
<webshinra>( generating latex : )
<webshinra>(a competence tree)
<cmaloney>webshinra: That sounds interesting
<guile-guest2>hello, I am trying to install latest guile but failing. I try to build but on freebsd it fails with /bin/sh: cannot open : No such file or directory *** Error code 2 and on fedora configure: error: GNU libltdl (Libtool) not found,
<guile-guest2>anyone has any ideas on how to build guile?
<bavier>guile-guest2: perhaps you need to install libtool via your system's package manager?
<bavier>guile-guest2: I'm not very knowledgeable about freebsd, but I thought "/bin/sh" was a fairly standard shell interpreter.
<bavier>I would be surprised if it were not available
<guile-guest2>on linux I did install teh libtool but the configure still fails with the same meessage
<guile-guest2>checking for libltdl... no configure: error: GNU libltdl (Libtool) not found
<bavier>guile-guest2: libltdl might be a separate package
<stratotanker>Hello, Im getting confused with guile compilation. Someone can help me?
<stratotanker>I mean compilation of scheme files into bytecode