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<daviid>I got my im-rgb->gray-1 running a bit more then twice as fast as the previous version:
<daviid>2.17 sec, not too bad to process, on my laptop, almost 18 million times 3 ops: rgb->gray then min and max
<numerobis>Update regarding my question of yesterday. It turns out the exuberant-ctags has support for scheme, which is great! :)
<manumanumanu>Does ChaosEternal hang around here?
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<amz3>héllo all
<amz3>is it possible to do 3D stuff with chicadee? \\cc davexunit
<xelxebar>I've been reading through sicp. It seems to be written at a really beginner-friendly level.
<xelxebar>I'm kind of looking for something a bit denser, though. Anyone have recommendations? I'd like to quickly grok the essentials and then learn by hacking around on projects.
<xelxebar>I did read through the guile docs
<rekado>xelxebar: how far did you get with sicp?
<xelxebar>rekado: I'm about halfway in. Been skimming and then working through examples.
<dustyweb>xelxebar: if you find SICP is beginner-oriented you are on a whole other level than I am or at least was coming in :)
<dustyweb>it's true that it was the introductory textbook at MIT though
<dustyweb>Guile's reference manual is for getting things done
<dustyweb>SICP is for learning CS concepts :)
<xelxebar>dustyweb: Hrm. I didin't mean that as a humblebrag or something. Maybe I just haven't gotten to the juicy bits yet? Or I'm missing something. I do know that I'm learning though!
<xelxebar>I *really* like the repl search and discovery commands (,apropos etc)
<xelxebar>Is there a similar way to get the definition of a procedure? Assuming we have the source available.