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<lloda>wingo: ok to push / ack for;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/wip-lloda to stable-2.2? I've sent these patches to the list twice, first time before the release of 2.2. I can fish the mails if it helps, or send the patchset again
<OrangeShark>happy friday
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<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<sneek>dsmith-work, you have 1 message.
<sneek>dsmith-work, jlicht says: thanks for telling me about htmlprag; it was exactly what I was looking for!
<amz3>héllo guile!
<amz3>I have an idea for yet another toy database
<amz3>a geo temporal triple store :D
<amz3>you can't use more buzz words in single software than that
<dsmith-work>amz3: Add "functional"
<OrangeShark>amz3: what is a "geo temporal triple store"? :P
<amz3>tx for asking
<amz3>OrangeShark: basically, it's a RDF database with latitude, longitude and time
<OrangeShark>oh I see, what is why it is a triple since it stores latitude, longitude, and time
<amz3>it's not triple, I was wrong
<OrangeShark>I see the term "triple" usually used to refer graph databases where it like object a, relationship, object b
<mwette>so it's really a triple tuple store
<OrangeShark>what do you plan on using it for?
<jeko>Hi guilers ! (Is it how Guile developers are called? )
<OrangeShark>jeko: that is a common name people do use here
<jeko>Alright !
<OrangeShark>jeko: a physical copy?
<OrangeShark>nice :D
<jeko>896 pages...I will never get to the end. x_x
<dsmith-work>jeko: Yes Guilers. But sometimes I use Guiileers for fun.
<amz3>I keep getting disconnected on this network
<amz3>dsmith-work: you are right it should be functional too
<jeko>I read my first line from a file in Guile !
<jeko>Is there a procedure to get the last line of a file ??
<bavier>jeko: not baked in
<bavier>jeko: I think you'd loop calling readline, and once you've reached eof, return the last line read.
<jeko>Yup I was thinking about something like that. I've to figure it out.
<jeko>Friday night brain is...slow ^^"
<bavier>same here ;)
<mwette>(let loop ((last #f) (line (read-line port))) (if (eof-object? line) last (loop line (read-line port))))
<bavier>mwette: concretely, yes :)