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<numerobis>Hello! I am writing a website in guile, and was wondering whether there was a tutorial somewhere about how to use guile with fastCGI? I've looked around on the web but haven't found anything yet. Thank you!
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<nalaginrut>numerobis: I'd recommend you try GNU Artanis rather than fastCGI
<numerobis>nalaginrut:Thank you for the recommendation! But do you think that GNU Artanis is still maintained today? Reading through the documentation, I saw that some things are still #todo, so I'm afraid it won't be fully functional. Also, it seems that the website of GNU Guile does not use it...
<OrangeShark>numerobis: I think GNU pages for software only support static pages.
<OrangeShark>numerobis: and nalaginrut is the maintainer of GNU Artanis
<numerobis>OrangeShart: I don't really know much about the terminology related to website, but it seems to me that the content of site of Guile (code at is generated by guile code dynamically. But since GNU Artanis is still maintained, that's probably easier to use. The only thing that still makes me hesitate is that there isn't a Nix package for it, and I don't have
<numerobis>experience in building one myself. But I guess that'll be a good opportunity to learn. :) Do you know if there is a repository somewhere with an example of a website built with GNU Artanis? Thank you!
<OrangeShark>numerobis: The GNU Guile website uses haunt, a static site generator, see
<OrangeShark>I am not aware of any example websites built with GNU Artanis, would probably be best to ask nalaginrut.
<OrangeShark>or ask the GNU Artanis mailing list to see if anyone will link their website
<numerobis>OrangeShark:Oh, that's really interesting, thank you! And good idea, I think I'll send an email to the mailing list.
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<dustyweb>ArneBab_: is there a wisp pretty-printer?:
<ArneBab_>dustyweb: not yet
<ArneBab_>dustyweb: for wisp it currenty uses source-properties to provide something like that
<civodul>hmm module reloading vs. "generative" record types