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<felipebalbi>any chance we can get a letcc helper on guile mainline? It's simpler to write: (letcc foo ... then (call-with-current-continuation (lambda foo ...
<felipebalbi>I have never done any define-syntax-rule before, but I *think* this is enough
<felipebalbi>(define-syntax-rule (letcc hop e ...)
<felipebalbi> (call/cc
<felipebalbi> (lambda (hop)
<felipebalbi> (begin e ...))))
<wingo>if the only thing you need is an early return, consider let/ec from (ice-9 control)
<wingo>your definition is good, but the begin is unnecessary; you can just do (lambda (k) e ...)
<felipebalbi>wingo: thanks :-) having letcc just helps following "The Seasoned Schemer", really :-p
<wingo>part of the fun in scheme is building up your own language, often with macros :) one of the corrolaries is that we can't provide the superset of all languages
<wingo>in this specific case we'd probably name it let/cc which wouldn't be of use to you
<felipebalbi>wingo: fair enough :-)
<felipebalbi>I'll keep this locally then ;-)
<felipebalbi>I must say, after so many years of C, Scheme is a lot of fun :-)
<felipebalbi>wingo: btw, what is guile missing for full r6rs compliance? Is there any wiki page of some sorts tracking that? If possible, I'd like to help out.
<wingo>i believe is the summary
<wingo>if you find an incompatibility tho, patches to fix it are welcome :)
<wingo>mail them to
<felipebalbi>wingo: I guess a better idea would be to implement some test cases for r6rs-defined functions?
<wingo>there are also a number of open bugs about r6rs
<felipebalbi>wingo: at least list-sort and vector sort are missing, for instance
<wingo>they are certainly there; you have to write an r6rs program to use them (with proper import statements etc)
<wingo>i.e. list-sort is in the (rnrs sorting) r6rs library
<wingo>so do (import (rnrs sorting)) to get it
<felipebalbi>oh, indeed. I must have forgotten to import (rnrs sorting) when I tested this
<manumanumanu>Good afternoon guilers!
<manumanumanu>I am very happy today. I got arximboldi's immer bindings for guile to work. Truly impressive stuff
<manumanumanu>I don't know what to do with it yet, but those data structures is the only thing I miss from clojure
<civodul>manumanumanu: i looks nice indeed!
<civodul>you should make a Guix package for it ;-)
<manumanumanu>civodul: Haven't got guix up and running yet... that will be the next project
<manumanumanu>they are a bit of a pain to install, and guix would simplify that a lot...
<manumanumanu>and they really are very very fast.
<dustyweb>ACTION sighs
<dustyweb>civodul: do you know what format import-x509-certificate expects?
<dustyweb>I figured I could do
<dustyweb>(import-x509-certificate (string->utf8 "MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDCFENGw33yGihy92pDjZQhl0C36rPJj+CvfSC8+q28hxA161QFNUd13wuCTUcq0Qd2qsBe/2hFyc2DCJJg0h1L78+6Z4UMR7EOcpfdUE9Hf3m/hs+FUR45uBJeDK1HSFHD8bHKD6kv8FPGfJTotc+2xjJwoYi+1hqp1fIekaxsyQIDAQAB") x509-certificate-format/pem)
<dustyweb>but I getr
<dustyweb>ERROR: Throw to key `gnutls-error' with args `(#<gnutls-error-enum Base64 unexpected header error.> import-x509-certificate)'.
<civodul>dustyweb: there's a couple of examples in GnuTLS, under guile/tests
<civodul>the thing should start with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----"
<civodul>followed by a series of base64 lines, followed by "-----END CERTIFICATE-----"
<amz3`>for some reason the x509-certificate.pem has two certificate in it
<amz3`>I am talking bout gnutls tests too
<dustyweb>civodul: hm ok, will look
<dustyweb>civodul: seems like there's a distressingly large number of pem-like formats!
<dustyweb>industria has pkcs#1 but not pkcs#8
<manumanumanu>why are the alist procedures named with a ! ?? They don't mutate
<amz3`>manumanumanu: what alist procedure has a ! ??
<dustyweb>manumanumanu: they shouldn't have a ! if they don't mutate..
<manumanumanu>try it yourself
<manumanumanu>returns a new list
<manumanumanu>does not modify the original
<manumanumanu>at least not in the repl
<manumanumanu>ah, the manual talks about it
<amz3`>on my side, it mutated the original
<amz3`>scheme@(guile-user)> (define a (acons 'a 'b '()))
<amz3`>scheme@(guile-user)> a
<amz3`>$1 = ((a . b))
<amz3`>scheme@(guile-user)> (assoc-set! a 'a 'c)
<amz3`>$2 = ((a . c))
<amz3`>scheme@(guile-user)> a
<amz3`>$3 = ((a . c))
<dustyweb>yeah it mutates here too
<manumanumanu>the manual talks about it. if the "key" is not present, it conses it to the beginning of the alist, and then the symbol pointing to the alist won't reflect that change
<manumanumanu>doing (define a (acons 1 2 '()) and then (assoc-set! a 2 3) won't modify a
<manumanumanu>I should RTFM before whining in the IRC channel.
<manumanumanu>but TIL about assoc pitfalls
<amz3`>fwiw I had only bad luck using set-car! and set-cdr!
<amz3`>I did not try too hard tho
<manumanumanu>we should have an assoc-set
<amz3`>manumanumanu: that is alist-delete from srfi-1
<amz3`>manumanumanu: look at this
<amz3`>that's helpers I wrote to work with alists
<amz3`>they work with 'equal?'
<amz3`>in guile you would do differently but in pure scheme that's what it looks like
<amz3`>also there is a set*
<dustyweb>I see why I was having troubles
<dustyweb>civodul: apparently the key format was in SubjectPublicKeyInfo format which I think is supported by gnutls but there's no guile bindings to import it maybe
<dustyweb>maybe it's new...
<manumanumanu>amz3`: whoa! "pure" alists are sloooow
<dustyweb>> OpenPGP functionality was removed
<dustyweb>> When I originally started working on GnuTLS I was envisioning a future where OpenPGP certificates will be used instead of X.509. My driver was the perceived simplicity of OpenPGP certificate format, and the fact that obtaining a certificate at the time required the intervention of costly CA, in contrast with OpenPGP where one had to generate a key and manage its web of trust. That never took off as a deployment nor idea, and today
<dustyweb> none of the original driving factors are valid. OpenPGP certificates are not significantly simpler to parse than X.509, the web-of-trust proved to be a more difficult problem than Internet PKI, and the costly CAs verification issue is no longer relevant after
<amz3`>manumanumanu: for better or worse, I did no benchmarks, it works good enough project
<manumanumanu>amz3`: I didn't use those, but what I threw together works the same
<dsmith-work>Wednesday Greetings, Guilers
<manumanumanu>oh yes! wednesday greetings!
<amz3`>dsmith-work: tx for bringing back sneek :)
<dsmith-work>amz3`: Sorry for my inattention.
<dsmith-work>When we lose power, it doesn't seem to come up as automatically as it used to.
<civodul>dustyweb: OpenPGP certs is also one of the things that drove me to GnuTLS back in the day
<dustyweb>civodul: support for them? or frustration with them?
<civodul>support for them
<civodul>i was convinced by nmav's motivation
<dustyweb>ACTION nods
<dustyweb>btw, as an aside
<dustyweb>dammmmmmmmmn the world of encoding keys is hella complex
<dustyweb>I was like, how hard could this be, it's just base64 encoded text right
<dustyweb>I had no idea.
<dustyweb>makes me also feel even stronger empathy for rivest's canonical s-exps
<civodul>canonical sexps are great
<stis_>yeah, I think I got my python loop macro to work. No you can use python generators in your loop and not litter the copde with set! which was the target
<stis_>e.g. if you loop inside scheme that is
<roelj>I get a "ERROR: Wrong type (expecting exact integer): #\\a", even though the C function that handles this uses scm_to_char (...), and not scm_to_int32_t (...).
<roelj>What's up with that?