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<daviid>manumanumanu: for info, there is this one as well
<amz3`>ijp: can you summarize what's the gist of cheney on the mta?
<amz3`>I mean there is not stack or heap in javascript
<amz3`>or do you emulate a stack/heap when compile guile?
<manumanumanu>amz3`: is it similar to parsack? I have used parsack before
<quigonjinn>tekuti looks for '/base.css' by default. does anyone know where root is supposed to be?
<amz3`>manumanumanu: not really
<amz3`>manumanumanu: the thing is that the proper way to do sequencing in parsack is >>= or something like that
<amz3`>manumanumanu: guile-parser-combiantor has something like that called parser-bind
<amz3`>manumanumanu: in combinatorix, it's not the case, it's not monadic
<amz3`>manumanumanu: that said, I made a small article on how to use guile-parser-combinators
<amz3`>but if you already know parser combinators it's useless
<manumanumanu>amz3`: thanks.
<amz3`>quigonjinn: did you find what you were looking for?
<quigonjinn>amz3`: yes, I just needed to change the root location to "= /", so that it won't redirect to tekuti
<quigonjinn>that was how it's done in tekuti's example nginx-config but I didn't notice
<amz3`>the grand debug of my book about guile
<amz3`>s/debug/debut/ ;)
<amz3`>it lakes glitches and mezangelle tho
<cmaloney>amz3`: This is a short book
<amz3`>that's correct, I am jsut getting started, I will copy my tutorial inside it and extend it
<amz3`>and other stuff
<amz3`>right now the issue I have, and i don't know how to solve
<amz3`>is that I'd like to have space themed book, but I am not sure how to translate that in terms of software+story
<amz3`>I will see
<amz3`>the tutorial is already kind of space themed
<amz3`>sort of
<cmaloney>What year do you want to se it? 1960s space? 1980s space? Present space?
<cmaloney>Alien encounter?
<amz3`>the last
<cmaloney>Ah, so teaching scheme to aliens?
<cmaloney>How close to "Land of Lisp" do you want to get? ;)
<amz3`>oh no not like that
<amz3`>more like battle star galactica thing
<cmaloney>You want to use Guile to make Cylons? :)
<amz3`>why not :)
<cmaloney>Eh, we've had a good run
<cmaloney>Though I think that would be a little harsh for a learning book
<amz3`>you know opencog is partly written in guile?
<amz3`>it's not far away ;)
<amz3`>see you later, I am off!