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<amz3>Three Implementation Models for Scheme
<manumanumanu>arximboldi: _really_ cool work with the immutable data structures
<manumanumanu>arximboldi: I haven't been able to play with them yet though, since my package manager hasn't got the boost version required (callable_traits is a new addition I think). I'll have a look at it in a week or two
<ecraven>amz3: no, I thinking about a generic swank backend for r7rs schemes, but no concrete code yet
<arximboldi>manumanumanu: oh yeah, the callable_traits thing I install via nix
<arximboldi>it is note yet in official boost
<arximboldi>i think you should be able to check that library out manually, it is a header only library
<arximboldi>thanks for the compliments, very encouraging!
<amz3>ecraven: it was for me?
<dsmith-work>Wednesday Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>sneek: botsnack
<ecraven>amz3: probably a few days ago: <amz3`> someone here was working on a guile repl with line editing support, I don't remember who
<ecraven>that wasn't me ;)
<dsmith-work>ecraven: Line editing? As in, not using readline?
<ecraven>no idea ;)
<dsmith-work>Oh. Maybe I should have addressed that to amz3
<dsmith-work>amz3: Hmm. You can check the logs.
<dsmith-work>Unfortunately, they don't have a search feature like the old logs did.
<dsmith-work>(rotty's logs)