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<cmaloney>I like that the first video on concurrent ML is wingo's talk at Curry On
<dustyweb>cmaloney: :)
<mwette>My FFI helper can now compile cairo.h, gdbm.h, sqlite3.h, git2.h to scheme.
<mwette>I am still having a few issues. If types are defined outside of the collection of dot-h files my helper should expand those types. It is not going all the way down (into structs) yet, so I am running into undefined type from compiling rsvg.h, which pulls in tons of stuff from glib-object.h
<rekado>mwette: I find your work on an FFI helper really exciting!
<dsmith-work>Wednesday Greetings, Guilers
<cmaloney>ACTION wonders if typesafe racket might be fun in the browser.
<cmaloney>ala Elm
<zacts>hi #guile
<ArneBab>wisp 0.9.2 released: with many additional examples including the proof-of-concept for a minimum ceremony dialog-based game duel.w and the datatype benchmarks in benchmark.w
<ArneBab>manumanumanu: that means that racket plus chez is a really powerful combination … but then I also remember how fast Guile became with the PoC compost:
<ijp>I'm still somewhat surprised by the racket+chez announcement
<ArneBab>same for me, let’s see how it plays out
<manumanumanu>ArneBab: I doubt it will bring _that_ much speed. chez isn't more than 2x faster on average, and the racket runtime surely has some cost
<manumanumanu>but there are other neat things
<manumanumanu>of course
<ijp>wingo: I probably won't be back on this evening, but I was wondering if I could have a word with you tomorrow about my GSOC work, nothing exciting, just licensing, coding standards etc.
<ijp>just give me a ping whenever you are free
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<amz3`>héllo all
<amz3`>I got an idea for a append-only static social network powered by git
<amz3`>that a long sentence with a lot of buzz words
<amz3`>it works, like other projects powered by git
<amz3`>using pull-requests or another way to push changes to another git instance
<amz3`>the workflow is the following:
<amz3`>a) you git clone a repository where this social network lives
<amz3`>b) you register an account, this will create an entry for your username in the social network database (more on that later) with a rsa public key
<amz3`>and associated private key is stored in another directory ignored by git
<amz3`>encrypted with a password
<amz3`>well that's detail
<amz3`>at this you can create a commit with your username+public-key
<amz3`>c) you can build the whole social network into a set of static html files
<amz3`>sorry, the site is not static
<amz3`>actually c) is that the git repository hosts both a database of json (or scheme) documents. Like an account is a document with 'username' key and 'public-key' key dict (or respectively in the case of scheme alist)
<amz3`>so, as static files, it's easy to keep track of them
<amz3`>and audit incoming change requests
<amz3`>since the database is append-only it's also easy to see if someone is trying to tamper some data
<amz3`>edits happens via copies
<amz3`>so you have to copy a document, edit it, and sign it yourself
<amz3`>a documentation that is not signed is not valid
<amz3`>and every documentation signature must be correct to be sure who created what
<amz3`>hence there is this database of flat files
<amz3`>it's easy to imagine that it's possible to build anything on top of it
<amz3`>ACTION trying to pitch his idea
<amz3`>the other thing the git repository is hosting, is the code running the website on top of that database
<amz3`>the point in using git, is to make it easy to share copies of the "website" with other people while still allowing them to 1) have a full copy of the website b) be able to edit it like via an UI
<amz3`>(it's difficult to create the database files by hand even if possible)
<amz3`>I am not here to ask for help to code it
<amz3`>actually, what I am wondering is whether my guile fellow contributors would be interested to in a social network around GNU Guile
<amz3`>and what kind of social network it should be
<amz3`>It not necessarly a "social" network
<amz3`>but more like a collaborative work
<amz3`>(social network is collaborative work but anyway)
<amz3`>the thing I am thinking about is a book
<amz3`>what do you think about another book about guile?
<amz3`>please ping here or use if you are interested in taking part in this
<amz3`>last words
<amz3`>maybe it's a bad idea, one could simply use texinfo and a mailinglist but the mailing will not be in the git repo and the git repo still need a way to process pull requests
<amz3`>something like... email.
<amz3`>this is a bad idea.
<amz3`>sorry for the noise