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<amz3>ijp: you are talking about lambda* or lambda?
<amz3>I see nothing special in lambda* nor lambda
<ijp>amz3: the difficulty with guile is that keywords are not always keyword arguments e.g. (list #:foo) returns a list containing a keyword
<ijp>also, it's not just lambda*, but case-lambda
<amz3>yeah, case-lambda is special
<ijp>but they are both handled by the same machinery under the hood
<amz3>where is defined lambda* I can't find it in the source
<ijp>probably psyntax
<ijp>it doesn't exist in tree-il, and the macroexpander is the scheme->tree-il compiler
<amz3>ok tx
<amz3>indeed it must be in psyntax
<amz3>i skipped that file during my first grep
<bavier1>what would be the benefit of setting C_INCLUDE_PATH in a build phase instead of passing CPPFLAGS to a configure script?
<bavier1>anyone else see "error: K: unrecognized option" for 'guix challenge'?
<bavier1>hmm, oops, wrong channel
<akkad>irc is hard
<lloda``>OT i'm getting spammed with image links pretty hard lately :-|
<wingo>lloda``: did you get that global message that freenode changed peoples' settings to turn off private messages from unregistered users?
<wingo>i haven't seen this attack fwiw
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<lloda>wingo: just saw it
<lloda>reconnects keep changing my nick :-/
<manumanumanu>ijp: I'm going to go with your keyword idea. Thanks for the tip.
<manumanumanu>It is miles better than introducing two complementary bidings.
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<amz3>did anyone try forward.scm ( ?
<amz3>how do you think I can improve something in forward.scm to make it easier and/or more suitable for you?