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<roelj>Can the (web ...) modules do "Digest" authentication? I see there's a header for "authorization", but I don't know how to do the back-and-forth in a straighforward way.
<ArneBab_>manumanumanu: can you provide an example in the documentation which shows for/list break
<ArneBab_>ijp: nice!
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: I probably could, but I suspect that everyone that knows what a multi-shot continuation is and is able to put one together won't need those docs
<ennoausberlin>Hello, guix. Is there an easy way to install guile 2.2 into debian 9?
<ArneBab_>manumanumanu: I’m not that sure :) (can’t it happen that you use a library which does that?)
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<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: It was a tradeoff they thought was valid for guile2.0. But sure, i'll whip togeher an example.
<manumanumanu>map worked like that until 2.2
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: under the second headline
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: oops. that anchor won't work. it is under the FAQ
<bavier`>dustyweb: howdy
<davexunit>yo dustyweb
<ijp>I think there is a similar issue to equal? with the-root-module when it comes to (system syntax internal)
<ijp>the only thing is, this one does use a toplevel box, but I think it must be the wrong one
<ijp>since it seems to be a fresh one
<ArneBab_>manumanumanu: thank you!
<ArneBab_>manumanumanu: if you could add a line "if your code needs multi-shot-continuations, use for/list/pure instead", it would be perfect
<ijp>yeah, I don't see where these bindings should be coming from