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<dsmith-work>Hey hey hey
<paroneayea>hello #guile!
<amz3`>cmaloney: did you look at forward.scm ?
<paroneayea>what are people hackin' on today
<bavier`>did guile@2.2 change the tree-il representation?
<bavier`>or, maybe my environment is messed up.. just a sec
<bavier`>paroneayea: hacking on my Joy compiler a bit today
<paroneayea>bavier`: cool :)
<bavier`>oh, yup, 2.0.14 had tree-il <application>, but now it's <call> in 2.2
<cmaloney>amz3`: Not yet. Have a few other things percolating before I can even begin to think about web frameworks.
<dsmith-work>paroneayea: What as I hacking on? Trying to get some bootloader code for an arm system to place a certain function at a specfic address.
<dsmith-work>To be backwards compatible to an incorrectly implemented system.
<bavier`>yay, ported (finally) my thing to guile@2.2 :)
<ijp>If I want to refer to a specific file in guile after it is installed, how can I do this
<ijp>oh right, using primitive-load-path will work
<ijp>bavier`: what did you port?
<bavier`>ijp: my simple Joy language compiler
<ijp>(I meant %search-load-path)