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<mekeor>i'm having trouble: (apply zip listOfLists) fails with an error although listOfLists is a list of lists, afaik:
<mekeor>any idea why?
<mekeor>oh, no, it's not a list of lists, in fact... damn
<mekeor>nice, i solved the problem. thanks for listening. sorry for disturbing :)
<civodul>IRC is a good debugging medium :-)
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, rekado says: Sorry, I haven’t been able to test the collision patches yet, but I’ll try this weekend.
<mekeor>given a (list a b c ...) and a function f, how would you get (list (f a 1) (f b 2) (f c 3) ...)? i.e. i want to apply a function on each element and its index. (in haskell, you'd do `zipWith f list [1..]` which only works because of lazy evaluation.)
<quigonjinn>mekeor: this would work:
<mekeor>thank you, quigonjinn :)
<void_pointer>In a script, how does one supress the following warning
<void_pointer>WARNING: (guile-user): imported module (X Y) overrides core binding `Z'
<void_pointer>Just going to say, libguile/read.c is really complicated. Still not sure how to add a read option whose only values can be two different symbols instead of those two symbols and #f
<void_pointer>Found it. The issue occured in the print options already, so a solution was lying around.
<void_pointer>Actually, it is proving to be still difficult.
<void_pointer>Going to just make the reader option a binary one.