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<Muto>So I just built a new PC for my coding, but when I try to run 'sudo apt-get install guile-2.2' I get an 'Unable to locate package' error, (I can install guile-2.0, but I didn't because I'd rather have the new stuff.)
<Muto>Am I doing something wrong?
<daviid>Muto: deian stable?
<Muto>Yes! Well, KDE Neon, which is just an Ubuntu flavour, but essentially yeah I'm on Debian.
<daviid>Muto: no 2.2 package yet, afaik, but grab the tarball, it really is easy to install manually
<Muto>daviid: I might do that, thanks.
<daviid>"You have searched for packages that names contain guile-2.2 in all suites, all sections, and all architectures." "Sorry, your search gave no results"
<daviid>Muto: for the time being, no other option. ah there is one other option, it is that you install guix
<Muto>daviid: Haha, Guix is pretty fun, but I think I'll stick with Debian as my main system for now, thanks though!
<daviid>Muto: fine, I am on debien too, stretch, and manually install guile, from the spurce
<daviid>Muto: but you're fine using the tarball, grab the latest and let us know if you have any problem...
<Muto>daviid: I'm building from source right now, going pretty smooth, I'll definitely let you know if I run into anything!
<daviid>*debian, *source ... :) typing too fast as a none native is 'dangerous' :)
<Muto>daviid: Actually, do you know where I can find a list of dependencies?
<daviid>Muto: just run configure for now, if something is issing it will complain
<Muto>daviid: Configure gave me an error, but I already found the deps list in the Readme file
<daviid>maybe you miss the garbage colector libgc1c2:amd64
<Muto>daviid: There we go, Guile's installing fine now =D
<daviid>Muto: perfect
<stis>hey guilers!
<stis>yey! I got guile-syntax-parse working again for 2.2
<stis>Really cool project, check out the racket matcher in the sources to see a cool application of it
<stis>, checkout loop.scm in that repo also a cool application of syntax-parse
<stis>yey guile-log also now works after a small correction
<stis>a little fun with scheme: if you like
<stis>sneek: later tell wingo: ping, how goes with the strip functionality vie -g0. Just curious what the state is.
<stis>sneek later tell wingo: got guile-syntax-parse and guile-log working with guile - looks god, no severe issues.
<sneek>Got it.
<stis>sneek later tell wingo: ping, how goes with the strip functionality vie -g0. Just curious what the state is.
<stis>oh he iterates between "Okay" and "Got it" lol I will be spaming wingo
<janneke>stis: is syntax-parse some sort of static typing?
<janneke>ACTION has read the readme and is still lost
<ijp>you might be better off reading the racket docs for it then (no offense stis)
<janneke>ijp: ah, i missed that url -- yes
<janneke>it's some sort of macro thing, an alternative to syntax-case possbly
<ijp>essentially it tries to make it easier to break up complicated macros into smaller pieces, while still retaining useful debugging information
<janneke>ijp: is it also bootstrappable? i got syntax-rules bootstapped, syntax
<ijp>what do you mean bootstrappable?
<janneke>...syntax-case seems impossible to bootstrap
<janneke>syntax-case is written in syntax-case, these days -- there is no way to bootstrap it
<stis>ijp: no offence, one of my pointers is to the racked docs :-)
<ijp>you can either use the preprocessed version, or write your own base syntax-parse
<janneke>the output of syntax-case is s-expressions, but it may almost as well be binary
<ijp>er, -case
<janneke>stis: sorry, yes i overlooked
<ijp>dybvig's Beautiful Code chapter essentially runs you through it
<janneke>ok, that's very good news
<ijp>unsyntax-casifyng that version is straightforward, if unpleasant
<janneke>the only alternative to psyntax.pp i found was Andre van Tonder's syntax-case thing, but that project died so it seems, and i could not get it to work
<ijp>look at racket, afaik they don't use psyntax
<janneke>thanks, ijp!
<ijp>np, one of my pie-in-the-sky projects is to change ours to use scope sets