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<cmaloney>Evening / TZAHello
<paroneayea>hi cmaloney :)
<cmaloney>Howdy (or Area Appropriate Greeting Here)
<sme>do the fields in a foreign object always have to be exact integers?
<davexunit>sme: a foreign struct? no.
<sme>i'm using the define-foreign-object-type
<sme>and getting oop/goops.scm:720:2: oop/goops.scm:720:2: Wrong type (expecting exact integer): "test"
<sme>when trying to set a slot
<davexunit>without any code it will be hard for anyone to help you
<davexunit>sme: sorry, I'm not sure how that's supposed to work. I've never used this API.
<sme>yeah i'm not quite sure of the use case
<nalaginrut>is it an existing one?
<sneek>nalaginrut, you have 1 message.
<sneek>nalaginrut, ArneBab_ says: I thought about this, because Guile should already provide most of the tools required for it.
<sme>was hoping to be able to assign a <pointer> to a field and attach a finalizer
<davexunit>sme: might be worth writing to guile-user about this.
<nalaginrut>ArneBab_: and it's possible to provide sever converters to convert PyObject to SCM, if it's unconvertable, then just wrap a PyObject in SCM and call Python interface to handle it
<nalaginrut>this would be generic way to support all kinds of languages
<nalaginrut>then we just need to provide front-end
<nalaginrut>the front-end is still necessary, or it may impossible to guarantee the scoping
<paroneayea> explicitly calls out "a subset of scheme", which is nice
<cmaloney>I'd be happy with either Python or Scheme
<cmaloney>Heck, having C code in the browser would already make me happy
<cmaloney>We're talking heightened levels of giddy with scheme / python
<cmaloney>might need a towel