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<reepca>can keyword parameters refer to other keyword parameters in their optional value definition?
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<nalaginrut_>ACTION is considering to add GNU Tale plugin in Artanis
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<nalaginrut>GNU Taler
<lloda>reepca: yes, as long as they come after
<catonano>wingo: paroneayea very interesting discussion of goops
<catonano>wingo: paroneayea I don't fully understand te references to lower level structs
<catonano>but I observe that Cloure protocols (I think) also support generic operations without having a inheritance machinery
<catonano>also thanks for the Sussman talk about generic structures, I'm gonna listen to it
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<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<janneke>happy Friday, dsmith-work!
<civodul>wingo: arrgh, i just committed to guile/manual instead of guix/manual :-(
<civodul>do you have a copy of the right files to fix it up?
<civodul>it broke html_node/{Locales,Introduction,Modules,index}.html
<civodul>in theory i could do some sort of "cvs revert"
<civodul>wingo: ok i've fixed it, sorry for the mess
<stis>hey guielrs!
<janneke>hey stis!
<daviid>hello guilers!
<sneek>Welcome back daviid, you have 1 message.
<sneek>daviid, wingo says: i would do it myself but i think you have some non-standard modifications there
<daviid>wingo: no problem, will do and let you know
<stis>darn the new syntax representation is killing my syntax parse application
<stis>yeah at least I can compile the syntax parse stuff now but the runtime does not work
<stis>the stress test of the library is compiling a racket match matcher
<stis>that fails badly
<daviid>just curious, any particular reason why guile.m4 is in meta and not m4 sudir?
<civodul>because it's not used by Guile itself
<civodul>rather, it's meant to be distributed and used by Guile users
<daviid>civodul: ok tx