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<amz3``>héllo #guile!
<brendyyn>Is there are program for visualising guile programs? For example, one that could draw a graph of procedure references or modules?
<spk121>brendyyn: try "guild use2dot *.scm"
<brendyyn>It fails to parse the #~ syntax in Guix
<spk121>too bad
<spk121>it is unmaintained, I think
<spk121>but if it did work, you'd capture the output into tmp.txt and make a png with "dot -Tpng -ooutput.png tmp.txt"
<amz3>someone forked postgresql and made it a multi model graph database
<amz3>it's similar to what I try to achieve with wiredtiger
<amz3>I can still compile my blog using guile-commonmark #win
<amz3>and now guile wiredtiger has a website
<ArneBab>manumanumanu: it took me longer than I had expected, but the wordcount challenge article is updated now: — I hope it’s all correct now
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<sirgazil>amz3: Here's some guix and guile apparel here:
<amz3>sirgazil: tx a lot!
<rekado>sirgazil: these are pretty!
<sirgazil>rekado: thanks, but a bit price, imho. I wish there were people hacking shipping costs. It's like there's no progress in that department...
<amz3>sirgazil: I ordered 2 tshirt, thx!
<sirgazil>amz3: thank you :)
<paroneayea>sneek: later tell sirgazil is there any way to get the guixsd logo in a zip-up hoodie?
<catonano>hello lfam
<lfam>Hello catonano