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<happy_gnu>paroneayea: yeah that worked! thanks :)
<joolean>hi Guilers!
<joolean>I'm having a tough time with a local build of 2.2. When I try to run an FFI procedure - e.g., `gnutls-version' from `(gnutls)' I get an error:
<joolean>ERROR: ERROR: Wrong type to apply: #<unknown-type (0x24f . 0x7fa1fb837e28) @ 0x7fa1fbdfb308>
<joolean>This suggests that there's something... wrong with the way Guile compiled the module that exports that procedure, but I'm not sure what
<joolean>I've purged every stale .go file I could find
<joolean>Any ideas?
<sneek>Welcome back daviid, you have 1 message.
<sneek>daviid, rekado_ says: I tried to build guile-gnome with Guile 2.2 but this fails with type errors in “gnome-vfs-port.c” (e.g. gnome-vfs-port.c:62:11: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type ‘scm_t_port {aka struct scm_t_port}’)
<daviid>rekado: hum, are you using 2.16.4? this is known and announced in the 2.16.5 Prepare 2.16.5, but I think I just forgot to push merge and release 2.16.5 :)
<daviid>rekado: it should not try to build neither corba nor gnome-vfs when using guile-2.2
<daviid>rekado: here is the email I'm refering to:
<daviid>rekado: I actually did push the fix to the devel branch
<daviid>since no one offered to help to fix corba and gnome-vfs using guile-2.2, neither cried :), so prob no 'real' users for these two modules, I guess I should merge and release 2.16.5 now, it's been almost a year since thie above announcement and request for help ...
<amz3`>héllo #guile
<amz3`>happy_gnu: #win
<amz3`>I'd like to do a screencast about wiredtiger but I am not sure what to demonstrate, can someone help?
<amz3`>guile wiredtiger 0.6 announcement
<sirgazil>I figured out why I was getting 0 Guix packages in the haunt website and the actual >5000 packages in a non-haunt program.
<sirgazil>The problem is not haunt related. It was that the "guix.scm" file in the haunt website conflicts with the guix library when running `haunt build`.
<sirgazil>I renamed "guix.scm" to "guix.packages", and now I can get all guix packages in the haunted website.
<happy_gnu>hello :)
<happy_gnu>I am so excited about guile and scheme
<happy_gnu>I tried to learn python and javascript, I did a few things but I gave up
<sirgazil>happy_gnu: Howdy ho/
<happy_gnu>I felt like I was not learning how to program
<happy_gnu>just syntaxis
<happy_gnu>After learning I felt like ok, I know booleans, if, while, .. now what?
<happy_gnu>how do I use this things?
<happy_gnu>but with lisp I feel so different
<happy_gnu>I just write a "not" function
<happy_gnu>I have no idea how to do that in python, maybe not is too easy but anyway I am so happy
<amz3`>what's up?
<amz3`>ACTION backlogging
<amz3`>I see... I see... a lot of people enjoying... the SUN!
<spk121>Praise the Sun.
<amz3`>and you spk121, did you get you yearly dose of sun?
<spk121>chilly today, but, I'm off camping tomorrow
<amz3`>camping is nice, especially to meet to bees and all kinds of insectoids ^^
<amz3`>I have the feeling that all this sun is not correct behavior of Earth...
<amz3`>I have a bad feeling, it seems like a bug!
<daviid>rekado: hello! did you see my answer, yesterday here, about guile-gnome for guile-2.2?
<rekado>daviid: yes, I have. I’ll update the package once the new release is available for download.
<daviid>rekado: ok, I think it will be by the end of next week, early the week I have to travel...