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<ArneBab>first article of with-guise-and-guile written: — featuring manumanumanu ☺
<daviid>ACTION finally got image histograms working in guile-cv, it needs fine tuning though: (a) too slow), (b) some /tmp latex names clashes may still occur... but getting close
<daviid>ok, im-histogram is bug free now, here at least :), good. it is a bit slow, but because of it's calling pdflatex for some of the legends stuff, not because of guile, and i have some ideas to make it faster anyway
<PuercoPop>davexunit: Btw it seems you forgot to update the installation instructions of sly
<manumanumanu>nalaginrut: no. delimited continuations are better in every way
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: neat :) Next up: python2. We need to cut runtime by at least 60% O_o
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: your simple version is not the "fast" simple version, nor the correct one. the string every checks for #\\space \\t and \\n, but what we should just check is string-null? since read-delimited won't return any string with #\\space #\\newline or #\\tab.
<manumanumanu>it will just return an empty string
<ArneBab_>damn, then I copied the wrong version there. Can you pastebin the simple version (I’ll update it this evening)?
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: sure thing
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: I just found out I can fake cond-expand in chez and make Nietzsche fast in both guile and chez without much fuss. Chez looks for modules with the extension .chezscheme.sls before anything else :)
<manumanumanu>so, finally I can avoid using full continuations in guile for my coroutine generator
<wingo>ACTION highfives manumanumanu re: "delimited continuations are better in every way"
<manumanumanu>wingo: Well, they are! I used to thing Oleg was just a grumpy old man until I saw the light.
<manumanumanu>wingo: I am trying to crowbar fibers into my next project btw. I am pretty sure I don't really _need_ to, but what's the fun in that? :)
<wingo>hehe nice :)
<wingo>please do fork the project and figure out things that could be better!
<wingo>moin civodul
<civodul>hello wingo
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 3 messages.
<sneek>civodul, bavier says: updating OpenMPI is on my todo list
<sneek>civodul, quiliro says: will installing guixsd offline be possible by making a mirror with nginx and this configuration file ?
<sneek>civodul, efraim says: 9 hours for make with guile2.2 on aarch64
<wingo>lol sorry for causing the pounce :)
<wingo>i guess that's a guixpouce tho
<civodul>uh uh
<efraim>i was wondering why i got tagged in #guile ;p
<wingo>efraim: now that you are here :) that guile 2.2 on aarch64 was without prebuilt/, is that right?
<efraim>~6 hours for guile 2.2 without prebuilt, 9 hours for guix with guile2.2
<efraim>I think it was 45 minutes for guile2.2 with prebuilt
<civodul>oh, that much of a difference?
<ArneBab_>is there a guile-2.2 package for ubuntu (in some repo?)
<manumanumanu>Hey... Why doesn't the make-coroutine-generator from srfi-121 work in guile?
<manumanumanu>oops. that example doesn't show anything
<manumanumanu> wait
<manumanumanu>That works in both chicken (with small changes) and chez
<manumanumanu>It just stops on the last (yield) and never returns eof
<manumanumanu>I have a slightly different version that didn't work and I thought I had ust done something stupid.
<manumanumanu>or rather: it continues to yield the last result and never leaves
<manumanumanu>whaat. now it works
<ArneBab_>manumanumanu: did the first auto-compile the code?
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: what?
<ArneBab_>did it show the ;;; <I am compiling stuff> message?
<ArneBab_>I noticed runtime differences when it does that
<ArneBab_>so there might be an inconsistency
<manumanumanu>ArneBab_: meh, that is at most 0.5s
<stis>Hej guilers!
<amz3`>I want so much copy datomic
<amz3`>I want so much +to copy datomic
<amz3`>nalaginrut: congrats for the release
<amz3`>nalaginrut: did you play with datomic?
<amz3`>nalaginrut: I read it's the hottest database un clojure land
<nalaginrut>amz3`: what's that?
<nalaginrut>amz3`: I'm thinking about more cool new features
<nalaginrut>amz3`: oh, datalog! which was what I want to add to Artanis
<nikita1>nalaginrut: pdf doc is also needed regeneration without broken org-mode.
<nalaginrut>amz3`: I'm considering the proper way to go. Write a datalog like dialect in s-expr. or just implement datalog as a language frontend
<amz3`>nalaginrut: that would be nice
<amz3`>nalaginrut: guile-log implements a datalog
<nalaginrut>nikita1: done
<amz3`>but you can "only" dump a given database to scm and reload it to memory, there is no notion of ACID
<amz3`>there is no ACD guarantees, prolly it works in certains circustences
<nalaginrut>amz3`: dump to scm and reload seems not efficient
<nalaginrut>I want to make Artanis product quality
<nalaginrut>nikita1: could you check it again ;-)
<nikita1>nalaginrut: ok!
<nikita1>may be it's a common problem for pdf documentation that code samples (monotyped) are almost always rut out of page boundaries.
<nikita1>I saw it in many GNU docs generated automatically ..
<amz3`>nalaginrut: that's what I thinkn too
<ArneBab_>nikita1: I typically need to adjust the code to be nice in PDFs — and reduce the font size a bit.
<ArneBab_>being serious about a 72 char width limit helps, though.
<amz3`>there is not line wrap
<nalaginrut>nikita1: all the docs are generated automatically by org file, I have to do so, since GNU standard requires that bunch of files
<nalaginrut>the colored html doc is the easiest to keep good quality
<nalaginrut>other files are generated by texi which is generated by org
<nalaginrut>nikita1: but I'm still willing to fix the pdf if you could point me out the problem
<nalaginrut>nikita1: if it's possible to fix
<amz3`>skribilo all the things!
<paroneayea>skribilo is great
<paroneayea>I'd love to see more skribilo support, especially nicer info output from skribilo
<paroneayea>I'd love to use skribilo for the default for a few of my projects... I'd prefer it over writing texinfo.
<paroneayea>the info output in skribilo is not nearly as good as texinfo's though, at present.
<paroneayea>I'm sure it could be improved!
<daviid>for info, texinfo is mandatory for GNU projects, and texinfo is a must, also we have stexi ... which is awesome
<paroneayea>texinfo isn't mandatory
<paroneayea>info is
<paroneayea>daviid: I know this because mediagoblin was allowed to use sphinx as long as we had an info output.
<paroneayea>which we do!
<paroneayea>similarly, autotools is not required, but the interface that autotools currently provides (./configure && make with associated flags) is
<daviid>paroneayea: ah ok, texinfo is better imo anyway, but ... as well as the autool chain, quite a lot better actually, but i guess all this is taste (and knowledge experience)
<daviid>*autotool chain
<daviid>the only missing bit in texinfo is proper support for goops
<daviid>i mean proper support for doc about generic function multimethod polimorphy dispatch systems...