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<dsmith>spk121: Slowest development time? How about scwm ?
<spk121>dsmith: haha. That's true. But I'
<spk121>I'm sure 1.0 is coming really soon now.
<ArneBab>how can I teach Guile to look for files with a different extension when I call (import ...)?
<ArneBab>… found it
<janneke>ArneBab: me too...thanks for asking...
<ArneBab>libguile/load.c: in scm_init_load I need to add the extensions.
<janneke> %load-extensions
<janneke>now I can have Guile load .mes files
<ArneBab>ah, yes, that’s cleaner
<ArneBab>need to set that somehow in language/<lang>/spec.scm when switching the language
<ArneBab>better would be to set the language depending on the extension: when switching the language, its extension should shift to the front, but when the given module is found in another language, the language should be switched to the other extension, the import done, and then the language switched back
<ArneBab>that sounds like a lot of corner cases to take care of, though …
<manumanumanu>Has someone packaged irregex for guile?
<manumanumanu>oh. it works in guile without any fuss :)
<avoine>what would be the way to define a long list of variables but still be able to search them with there values?
<avoine>I tried to build an alist like (define KEYS '((KEY_A . 65))) and then use `(define-values ,@(map car KEYS) `(values ,@(map cdr KEYS))) but its not creating the variables and I can't search in a alist by values
<OrangeShark>avoine: you will have to write your own search for the alist by value, maybe using srif-1 find `(car (find (lambda (lst) (equal? (cdr lst) value) KEYS))`
<avoine>I think I get why my define-values is not working, it is still quoted because of the first ` and not evaluated
<avoine>found it! I just need to wrap the define-values with an eval
<stis>heya guilers!
<sirgazil>davexunit: Hi! I found that if I use dirnames with . in Haunt, the content of HTML pages is rendered in a PRE element. Is this a bug? Here is a minimal example:
<davexunit>sirgazil: I don't know what would cause that. there's no logic based on directory names that I know of.
<davexunit>sirgazil: the problem goes away if you remove the "." from "blender-3.0"?
<davexunit>I'm a bit stumped right now.
<sirgazil>Yes, removing "." makes things work.
<sirgazil>davexunit: Don't worry. I just wanted to let you know. I'll work without "." in dirnames for now.
<davexunit>sirgazil: thanks for letting me know. sorry about that.
<sirgazil>davexunit: no problem :)
<amz3`>later tell spk121, I am amirouche, and my pseudo editor is really a toy!
<amz3`>later tell spk121, zile must be better
<random-nick>why doesn't zile use guile
<amz3`>there is a zile version that use guile
<random-nick>btw, is emacsy still maintained?
<amz3`>I did not read about it for a loooooooooooooong time
<spk121>hi all
<amz3`>also I need to move away from ncurses, but I want to have true colors, to ncurses is not a solution
<amz3`>spk121: o/
<random-nick>amz3`: why not use guile-gnome
<amz3`>random-nick: hmm, I wanted to keep it simple... but that's an good idea;
<amz3`>it was just a hack anyway
<amz3`>seems like clutter is dead, the new GNOME thing is called GSK for GNOME Scene Graph Kit
<daviid>amz3 it is not dead (like in knowledge and implementation total loss), it is now (that will be in 4.0) part of (like it has been 'incorporated' in gtk
<daviid>clutter 1.x still is and still will be maintained, but their won't be a 2.0
<daviid>amz3 so you can still use guile-clutter :) and have fun with it!
<amz3`>I got a idea, I will try to mimick the termbox api using clutter!
<amz3`>ACTION current status compiling via guix
<daviid>i don't think the guix folks made a guile-clutter package, which is unfortunate
<amz3`>guile-gnome is not guile-clutter?
<amz3`>daviid: ^
<daviid>amz3 you already used it right?
<amz3`>it was a long time ago
<daviid>gtk is 20y old, here is a nice video about history and future
<daviid>amz3 but it's like riding a bike, you never forget :)
<daviid>amz3 I remember i wrote vertice and edge components for ytour graph...
<amz3`>you know I started free software by basically reading gnome planet every single day!
<amz3`>yes, btw I ditched the graph thing because, it's has an overhead compared to raw tuple space, it seems to me tuple space is more schemey
<daviid>amz3 hey, maybe you could write a guile-clutter package for guix (not a peace of cake though, because of old depencies for cogl and clutter)
<amz3`>well... I already tried I think at some point
<amz3`>I will see wether I try to package it, when I have it installed and have done something with it
<daviid>amz3 i thought you had it installed already...
<amz3`>I had it installed before, but I bought a new machine so it's on my old hdd which is broken
<daviid>ah, i see. if/when you install it again, ping me if you need help, i'll be happy to help of course
<daviid>you need to install guile-gnome first of course, but it is in guix (I think)
<amz3`>I have ubuntu 17.04 + guix nowdays
<daviid>so yo9u have guile-gnome 'for free' cool
<CharlieBrown>What's guile-gnome?
<amz3`>daviid: except hydra is broken, so I have not substitutes... anyway... just compiling all the things from scratch right now
<amz3`>not an issue
<daviid>amz3 try --substitute-urls=
<daviid>I'm not using guix :), but i follow everything they say :):) and they just wrote about this in #guix
<amz3`>daviid: does guile-gnome works with guile 2.2 ?
<daviid>I'm not using guix yet, terrible :)
<daviid>amz3 yes
<daviid>so, we need a scss
<random-nick>daviid: wasn't there some CSS parser written scheme
<daviid>i mean it would be nice to have s-expr cascading style sheet
<random-nick>that tried to be multi-implementation
<random-nick>I think it was called SCSS
<random-nick>and had a counterpart DOM library called SDOM
<daviid>random-nick: i kind of remember there was some talk about this here, but that's about all i remember
<zacts>I wish lilypond would update to guile-2
<zacts>is lilypond even still being regularly developed at all?
<CharlieBrown>Does it need to be?
<amz3`>zacts: yes it's developped
<zacts>CharlieBrown: probably not, but it would be nice to not have to install an ancient guile to extend it
<zacts>amz3`: cool
<zacts>lilypond is my favorite music notation app
<zacts>for final scores
<zacts>I like musescore for everyday sketches
<zacts>I want to perhaps eventually extend lilypond to better handle jazz leadsheet harmonic notation
<amz3`>zacts: afaik using lilypond with guix should be painless
<zacts>for different styles of notation
<CharlieBrown>LilyPond 2.19.59 released - April 09, 2017
<zacts>oh cool
<amz3`>even if it use guile 1.8
<CharlieBrown>zacts: What's musescore?
<amz3`>of course you won't have guile 2 but guile 2 doesn't introduce much new stuff in terms of language
<CharlieBrown>I don't see any link to version control, zacts.
<zacts>just a sec
<zacts>they use GitHub for their interface
<zacts>It's not a gnu project, it's independent, but it's GPLv3
<CharlieBrown>(Their website makes MuseScore look really proprietary.)
<zacts>I think it can export to lilypond as well
<zacts>no MuseScore is GPLv3
<CharlieBrown>Eww, "LICENSE.rtf". xD
<zacts>They are only advertising their book as for sale
<zacts>It's cross platform
<zacts>so that's probably for windows 10 users
<CharlieBrown>zacts: What book? A manual?
<zacts>but it's originally gnu/linux
<zacts>it's a commercial book on how to compose music with musescore
<CharlieBrown>I wonder if the manual is free.
<zacts>the handbook is free
<zacts>but the composition book is not
<zacts>^ the official manual
<zacts> <-- the commercial book
<CharlieBrown>I mean, is the commercial book free?
<zacts>oh, I don't think so
<zacts>everything is free software, including the official manual, but the mastering musescore book is not free open culture / free culture / public domain at all
<amz3`>erf! I discovered nltk book has cc license forbiding derivative work :(
<amz3`>what free book doesn't allow derivative work?
<zacts>I think the mastering musescore book is not so much about how to use the software, or any of that, as much as it is how to compose music with it, it's more of the creative aspect of musescore.
<zacts>So I think according to rms the mastering musescore would be ethically copyrighted
<zacts>I think that rms would likely only care about the software specific documentation needing to be free
<amz3`>you mean that it's a creative book?
<zacts>yeah. It's a book to teach the creative aspect of composition utilizng musescore as the tool
<zacts>versus teaching you how to use musescore as software
<zacts>the guide on musescore as software is the official free handbook
<zacts>at least this is what I gather
<zacts>I may be a bit off with this, as I haven't fully investigated yet
<zacts>regardless MuseScore is GPLv3 and the official handbook doc is free as well
<amz3`>well anyway it IMO it should be free as in free speech :)
<zacts>indeed, I agree amz3`
<random-nick>amz3`: not all cc licenses are free culture
<zacts>I disagree with rms on many things
<amz3`>without free books, there will be no spread of free culture
<amz3`>random-nick: sadly
<daviid>wow, this is interesting:
<daviid>they make tablet running debian and gnome
<zacts>amz3`: I have a sad story for you to link
<zacts>and then back to #guile
<zacts>or catch me on #fsf
<ArneBab>zacts: yes, lilypond is developed, and you can nowadays actually run it with Guile 2 (it can turn the song I wrote into PDF again!)
<ArneBab>(with guile 2!)
<zacts>oh cool!