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<brendyn>MOO Only Once
<brendyn>GNU's No Udder
<wingo>srfi-1.c is the saddest thing
<wingo>i guess it is getting less sad with time :P
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<brendyn>Man even after knowing my internet is monitored i've never developed the habit of using tor or a vpn. need to start
<nikita1>Hello all! I'm just trying to build guile 2.2 on DragonFlyBSD, configure reports all is ok with Boehm GC. but, whent trying to link, the following errors occured: ./.libs/ error: undefined reference to 'GC_get_suspend_signal'... and three others related to threaded GC functions. The problem is that theese symbols are defined in a separate library How to modify configure to
<nikita1>make to see this lib?
<nalaginrut>nikita1: maybe you could add --with-threads while configure
<nalaginrut>but I'm not sure if it solves
<nikita1>no, doesn't help. Still only -lgc in BDW_GC_LIBS...
<nikita1>is it autoconf problem? may be to customize somehow? but I have not an idea how
<wingo>nikita1: i heard a related prob on netbsd
<wingo>unfortunately netbsd / etc decided to modify the api of libgc
<wingo>making not only a bdw-gc pkgconfig file but also a "-threaded" version
<wingo>you have to change to ask for the right libgc
<nikita1>wingo: looks like changing bdw-gc -> bdw-gc-threaded helps...
<nikita1>at least i've passed this step of compilation
<nikita1>Can it be done in more universal way?
<nikita1>I have several BSD systems where I to install guile 2.2..
<saikyun>hello, I'm having some trouble using modules. when I try to use #:use-module ((sdl2 image) #:prefix sdl-image:) it gives me the error "ERROR: In procedure symbol->string: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting symbol): #:sdl-image"
<saikyun>I can't figure out what's going wrong. could anyone help me?
<random-nick>saikyun: you have postfix keyword enabled
<saikyun>random-nick: how do I disable that/where can I read more about it?
<random-nick>s/postfix keyword/postfix keywords
<xvilka>btw, random question - do you know why GIMP chose another scheme implementation, rather than Guile?
<random-nick>xvilka: afaik it was because of some problems that are now solved
<saikyun>thanks random-nick
<saikyun>is there a way to configure guile to "remember" the settings?
<xvilka>random-nick: thx
<saikyun>hm, even after running (read-set! keywords #f) in guile it still gives me the same error
<random-nick>saikyun: did you run it before running the define-module?
<saikyun>yeah I ran it first, then I tried running the whole thing with (load "main.scm") which in turn runs (use-modules ...)
<saikyun>so it shouldn't have ran define-module yet I guess?
<saikyun>or do you mean I should add the function call in the library I'm using
<saikyun>oh, it worked when I put in the library
<saikyun>it also worked when I put it in my file loading the library. I wonder why it didn't work when I wrote it in the guile repl :o
<saikyun>oh well. thanks for the info random-nick
<amz3`>spk121: héllo, did you publish somewhere the ffi helpler you are working on?
<spk121>amz3`: I think that is somebody else. I've done FFI a few different ways, but, I have no formal tools.
<spk121>I liked SWIG, but, it has not kept up with changes in Guile.
<chaw>Hello! I'm trying to build guile-sdl2 (from git) and make fails with complaints about SDL_JoystickCurrentPowerLevel and such.
<thomassgn>Hi, I have a utility script that I'm trying to write in guile and I want to tell it to run something along the lines of 'echo -e "1" "2" "3" | dmenu | ${SHELL:-"/bin/sh"}'
<thomassgn>been looking at system which looks like a good way of calling "simple" commands, i.e. one command without piping and so on. Is there a good way of doing this kind of piping between commands in/thgough guile?
<thomassgn>I could potentially do this through pipes as I skimmed over the I/O section earlier, but this is, so far, new territory to me. (:
<nikita1>thomassgn: Are you looking for smth like this: (shell (dmenu '(1 2 3))) ? or not?
<thomassgn>nikita1: not sure :P I'll check.
<thomassgn>was away with doing dishes when I think I understood how to use pipes for it also... :)
<nikita1>thomassgn: it's just example what you may be want to get finally in your code..
<nikita1>if you want simple manipulation of shell commands with piping -- you may try to implement some kind of universal wrapper which does open-pipe / close-pipe stuff
<thomassgn>mm, looks like open-input-pipe does what I need. Just need to get my head around what goes first and so on...
<reggggieee>is there no standard module for reading csv files?
<catonano>reggggieee: maybe this one ?
<reggggieee>kk, yeah i'm probably going to use that. just was wondering if there was something built-in besides the delimited text functions
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<paroneayea>hello #guile friends
<paroneayea>ACTION spending a lot of time working on the activitypub test suite. stressful, but it's nice to spend so much time in guile
<paroneayea>also I wrote an ascii art heavy tutorial in case anyone is wondering how this activitypub standard I'm working on works
<paroneayea>amz3` I know has asked a lot of stuff, maybe will like it
<reggggieee>paroneayea: did you use artist mode?
<paroneayea>reggggieee: nope, I do all ascii art by hand
<paroneayea>I've been "ascii doodling" for years
<paroneayea>am pretty fast at it
<reggggieee>haha nice!
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: By hand? Wow.
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: yeah it's not hard once you start getting ahold of common patterns
<paroneayea>for example, to type out a "curve:
<paroneayea> _---_
<paroneayea> .' '.
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: Is activitypub going to make it possible to search a bunch of federated GMG instances at once, as if it's YouTube?
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: yes-ish; you should be able to search across the sites known from your own instance for public content, and also you could easily set up an aggregator which "knows" about all the public sites and reads from their Public feed
<paroneayea>see the Public collection described in ActivityPub
<paroneayea>not a perfect solution but better than what we have today!
<CharlieBrown>OK, good. I was afraid GMG was going to die. And I'm really scared of that, because youtube-dl does NOT allow you to access YouTube without proprietary JavaScript, and the HTML5 Video Everywhere extension probably runs YouTube JS as well.
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: GMG hasn't gotten much love lately and that's mostly my "fault" for focusing on ActivityPub
<paroneayea>but once AP finishes its standard track I'll be back on it
<CharlieBrown>I don't know Python and I only have $20 in my bank account.
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: if you know Guile, you might be interested in checking out Pubstrate
<paroneayea>though it's hilariously underdocumented
<CharlieBrown>I don't really know much of any programming stuff.
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: ah!
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: well, Guile is a fun language to learn programming stuff in... so is Python... both for different reasons! :)
<CharlieBrown>I might get through the Emacs Lisp manual sooner or later, then move onto Guile, then move onto Python.
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: extending my .emacs Emacs Lisp is how I learned to program largely :)
<paroneayea>er w/ emacs lisp
<paroneayea>have fun with it!
<paroneayea>that and working on python utilities and web stuff
<hugo>Guile has some elisp integration, which might be fun to look at
<paroneayea>hugo: yes but it isn't well itegrated with anything practical yet
<paroneayea>I think it's more interesting to people who want to make guile-emacs happen right now, or who are interested in languages
<paroneayea>as languages
<hugo>Fair enough, I want guile emacs to happen
<paroneayea>I mean, it's well integrated with guile-emacs, but guile-emacs isn't practical enough for anyone but guile emacs enthusiasts :)
<CharlieBrown>ACTION rewrites Aisleriot in Emacs Lisp on the Guile VM.
<paroneayea>hugo: you and the rest of #guile !
<hugo>paroneayea: Kinda expected, being the guile channel
<CharlieBrown>Aw man, now you've got me worrying about two projects that I love but might dye at any minute: guile-emacs and GMG.
<paroneayea>well neither is at risk of dying at *any minute*
<paroneayea>"free software projects never die, they just fade away"
<CharlieBrown>Wikipedia says the game Frets on Fire "was", but apparently people are still using it.