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<hugo>I don't see why you couldn't just do (primitive-eval (read))
<codemac>hugo: because it doesn't continue to eof does it? Does it not go s-exp by s-exp?
<codemac>I made a simple one just checking read for eof-object? let me know if there is a better way
<amz3`>interview of RMS
<hugo>codemac: You could include (ice-9 rdelim) and (ice-9 eval-string), and then run (eval-string (read-string)) to read until eof and then eval everything
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<adfeno>Hi all! In Artanis, how do I create a page (view+controller) so as to make use of my "blog" model?
<amz3`>this is awesome
<amz3`>adfeno: sorry, I don't use artanis, and do not recommend use it until a new release
<adfeno>Why not? :)
<adfeno>Seems so awesome :)
<amz3`>really, I am the wrong person, to ask. If you don't get an answer here, please send a message to artanis mailling list with detailled description of your code and what is your goal
<amz3`>hope that helps
<amz3`>adfeno: why do you find it awesome?
<adfeno>amz3`: Because it uses GNU Guile, which has functional programming, and also has templating capabilities
<adfeno>And, has speed compared to other solutions.
<amz3`>I do web stuff, I don't use artanis, here is link to the latest version
<amz3`>yes, it's GNU.
<amz3`>What I say, is that, for my need Guile is enoug, I hope it doesn't stop you from diving into GNU Guile
<adfeno>I have setup a simple site using GNU Serveez (which also uses Guile).
<adfeno>But I'm looking for something more able to communicate with host and also which can have option to set encoding character set :)
<adfeno>(because, as far as I know, Serveez doesn't deal with UTF-8 very well.
<adfeno>But, I might go back to Serveez again. :)
<adfeno>I just need to find out how to make GNU Serveez display the correct accents in the pages when it decides to draw a page for, say, a directory structure.
<adfeno>How do I make it so that all the upcomming HTTP/web responses in the Guile HTTP/web server have default charset of UTF-8?
<civodul>adfeno: there's an example in (guix scripts publish), search for "ISO-8859-1"
<adfeno>I wonder if I can make GNU Serveez do that for its automatically generated html pages for actual directories.
<adfeno>For example, I have "/pub" directory in my site root
<civodul>dunno, i've never tried Serveez
<adfeno>When running Serveez at my site root, and using web brower to go to that location, it does go there, and links to actual files are pointed to the right place, but the names of the links in the page are incorrect if they contain accents.
<adfeno>It does something like this: <a href="Música.ogg">M[garbage]sica</a>
<daviid>adfeno: serveez last commit and release is 2013 ...
<daviid>you'd better use artanis or haunt (if your site is 'static'), artyanis maintainer hangs around here
<daviid>* artanis
<adfeno>Indeed. I think I'll have to fall back to either Artanis or Haunt :)
<daviid>both are well maintained
<daviid>and both hackershangs in this channel
<adfeno>I'll try Haunt once again :)
<adfeno>Sorry I meant Artanis :)
<daviid>adfeno: i would clone the source rather then use the 'old' tarball
<daviid>artanis latest commit are a couple of hours ago, it is actively maintained
<adfeno>Indeed :)