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<daviid>heya guilers! guile-cv now has a web site (in addition to its savannah nongnu project page I mean), here:
<daviid>I had to (temp) remove examples using in the manual, because I can't figure how to setup things so it works with both html and pdf (dvi), I'll solve this problem later... if all goes well, I should release 0.1.4 next week
<daviid>I'll have a beer now :):) bb tomorrow, night folks!
<paroneayea>huh, cool davexunit
<paroneayea>daviid I meant
<MoronicAcid>Is there anyway to ensure that scm_to_locale_string doesn't leak memory?
<amz3`>racket has a new UI for its package index
<amz3`>and I added a router to my framework:)
<amz3`>not in forward.scm yet
<amz3`>my framework is agpl3+, even if it was good, nobody will use it
<amz3`>davexunit: did you have a look at my scheme frontend framework? wdyt?
***logicmoo is now known as dmiles
<wingo>good evening
<paroneayea>hi wingo
<wingo>ACTION should try "case" compilation speedup optimization again
<wingo>looks like guile-json would benefit
<wingo>the idea of making a web service without fibers is painful :/
<wingo>this is in guix and i am not sure i can depend on fibers
<wingo>but generally making a program that has multiple concurrent things happening without a decent concurrency facility is terrible
<wingo>any request can block the server, you have no useful "background task" / work queue abstraction, you can't long-poll, etc
<daviid> /me thinks wingo should fibers everywhere
<daviid>and make it guile core asap
<daviid>so, with this objhective, more tests the better
<daviid>I very much doubt guix folks would prefer a none decent concurrency (none) facility anyway ...