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<daviid>Tim Berners-Lee... this is great!
<dsmith>daviid: Ya. Thanks.
<dsmith>Got some leads though.
<daviid>dsmith: good! as you may know, I'm looking to.. though part time applied research free s/w freelance with white card (so i can do everything in guile and little C if needed) is (has always been) quite a chalenge!
<daviid>dsmith: i did see embed C offers recently, i think it was on stackoverflow
<daviid>* embedded
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<spk121>Alright. Let's see if these packages I maintain actually will work on Guile 2.2.
<wingo>lmk what you find :)
<handsome_pirate>wingo: ping, again :)
<handsome_pirate>wingo: Do you have any thoughts on not using the bundled gnulib in guile 2.2?
<handsome_pirate>wingo: I'd rather build against and use the gnulib shipped in Fedora
<amz3`>héllo again!
<amz3`>(maybe not again)
<amz3`>ACTION cooking some documentation for his frontend framework dish
<civodul>handsome_pirate: Gnulib is a source library
<daviid>ot: savannah users, any idea, I've just uploaded tarballs and signatures to, which worked fine, using scp, then I try sftp ... (to reorganize the directory) I get 'Connection closed'
<civodul>handsome_pirate: i understand your concern about bundling, but i also see why this is a source library and how bundling it helps
<civodul>ACTION has one foot in both camps ;-)
<daviid>just tried the same for guile-lib, also get a 'connection closed', till today this always worked, weird
<daviid>civodul: would you mind to just try sftp and tell me if it works for you?
<civodul>daviid: i can log in, yes
<daviid>oh man, thanks for trying, I don't know why I can't. I trace usig -v -v and it shows it finds my ssh key, connect, write a bunch of messages I don't really master, the ends with debug1: Exit status 1 Connection closed
<daviid>i wonder, how come it did let me scp and not sftp
<paroneayea>gonna make a release of Gush
<daviid>civodul: thanks again, I'll try later (from home), maybe it is because of some university firewall related 'blocking', but the trace -v -v shows it finds my key and connect, then ... close, hum
<daviid>a bit frustrating but I won't die :)
<daviid>paroneayea: hello!
<paroneayea>hi daviid
<amz3`>paroneayea: what is gush?
<paroneayea>amz3`: stack based language similar to Push / PushGP
<paroneayea>building a toy little stack language with the aim of building a genetic programming language
<paroneayea>some background on why
<amz3`>my framework is very slow
<amz3`>I will dive in again in guile -> javascript thing